Hillsdale College Career Ser­vices will be pub­lishing their podcast, “Beyond the Bubble,” on Apple Pod­casts. Pexels

Hillsdale College Career Ser­vices has recently gained approval to publish its podcast, “Beyond the Bubble,” on Apple Pod­casts. The podcast fea­tures alumni, parents, and friends of the college to discuss their careers. The podcast is one of a recent shift from Career Ser­vices to create more resources for recent alumni.

“We wanted to turn from stu­dents and more towards recent alumni,” Student Activ­ities Mentor and sophomore Sam Swayze said. “Not aban­doning stu­dents once they leave but making those two to three year grad­uates our primary target audience. We see our role as con­tinuing support even once you’ve grad­uated.”

Assistant Director of Career Ser­vices Rebecca Galvan ’13 took over the podcast with Swayze after Exec­utive Director of Career Ser­vices Ken Koopmans and Jonathan Moy ’18 started it last year. The podcast happens weekly and fea­tures senior Ben Diet­derich as the host. Each podcast is about 15 minutes long. The show used to be a Facebook live video, but switched over to Podcast in order to reach their tar­geted audience.

Diet­derich said the move to Apple Pod­casts is a great way to increase the podcast’s exposure.

“Apple Pod­casts is a great way to reach people,” he said. “I don’t think as many people have Sound­Cloud as they do Apple. Now when you google Hillsdale College, ‘Beyond the Bubble’ will be one of the first things to show up.”

Swayze, who is respon­sible for searching for guests, vetting them, and doing other behind the scenes work for the podcast, first had the idea to move to Apple pod­casts. The process only took about two weeks. Swayze sub­mitted the podcast to iTunes for review, and if the podcast has a logo, more than one episode, con­tributes to the store, and does not contain any offense content, it is typ­i­cally approved, according to Swayze.

Swayze said putting the podcast on Apple will improve exposure and the aes­thetic.

“Hope­fully we get greater exposure. ITunes does a really great job pes­tering people with noti­fi­ca­tions once they sub­scribed,” Swayze said. “There’s more cred­i­bility asso­ciated with iTunes than Sound­Cloud. It’s got more of a sophis­ti­cated look.”

Swayze said he gen­erally looks for people who are in senior level man­agement since someone who’s been in an industry for a few years has a “level of cred­i­bility to a peer.”

Galvan said one of her favorite guests was Anna Schroeder ’00, whose interview demon­strated one of the pur­poses of the podcast, Galvan said.

“A lot of times they have spe­cific insight about how to take your Hillsdale edu­cation and use it out there, beyond the bubble. That’s why it’s called that,” Galvan said. “Hope­fully it will create career con­ver­sa­tions.”

Diet­derich said the podcast pro­vides recent alumni with useful advice for their time right after college.

“A lot of the alumni I’ve talked to say that they wish there was some­thing like this around when they were in school,” he said.

The podcast is also a way to reach those alumni who may feel less con­nected after grad­u­ating, he said.

“You don’t have the resources when you leave campus that you do when you’re here,” Diet­derich said. “‘Beyond the Bubble’ offers an oppor­tunity to stu­dents who have just recently left to feel con­nected to campus.”

Diet­derich also said he hopes that the podcast will be uploaded to the Hillsdale College website with a tran­script of the interview. This will make the podcast more searchable for people looking for a spe­cific kind of pro­fes­sional. There are cur­rently a few available on the website.

“We want to make sure the podcast is available on all plat­forms,” he said. “If it’s in text format it’s much more searchable.”