Par­tic­i­pants in Magic Ride & 5K. Courtesy|Christie Campbell

Hillsdale County’s Child Abuse Pre­vention and Awareness orga­ni­zation will host a bike race and a glow run Sat­urday at Lake Baw Beese and Owens Park to raise money for pro­grams ded­i­cated to raising awareness for child abuse.

CAPA’s 2019 CAPA Magic Ride and Pin­wheel Glow 5K Run/Walk will have both a bike portion, which will start at 5:45 p.m., and a run/walk portion, which will start at 8:30 p.m. According to CAPA Exec­utive Director Christie Campbell, the bike ride has two routes; the first is a smaller route that goes through Hillsdale, past Johnny T’s, and circles back to the lake, and the second goes to Jonesville, ending at the Udder Side, and back – a 15 mile round trip.

“There’s a family friendly and an enthu­siast one,” Campbell said.

For the run/walk portion, the route will be lit up with blue pin­wheels for par­tic­i­pants.

“We will have blue pin­wheels placed along the route which is the national symbol for child abuse pre­vention and awareness month of April,” Campbell said. “Our hope is just to bring even more awareness to Hillsdale county about child abuse pre­vention and awareness.”

This is CAPA’s nine­teenth year hosting the “magic ride,” and it is their eighth year hosting the 5k. The glow run, however, is a change from pre­vious years.

“It is a glow run this year, so it’s at night,” Campbell said. “That’s def­i­nitely dif­ferent for us. It’s also new this year because we moved it to the month of April, which coin­cides with child abuse pre­vention month. The reason we moved it was to help bring more awareness to Hillsdale County about child abuse and pre­vention awareness.”

Denise Potter, co-chair of the event, said the number of par­tic­i­pants has increased from last year up to 85.

“I attribute it to us changing it to the glow run,” Potter said. “I think it’s a better oppor­tunity for fam­ilies to get together. It’s at night, not in the early morning. It’s more appealing to younger fam­ilies and young adults.”

The funds amassed from the event will go to CAPA’s child abuse pro­grams such as Cozy Kids Cam­paign, which raises money for “warm sleeping apparel,” and Baby Think It Over, which uses baby sim­u­lators to foster dis­cussion and under­standing about par­enthood to “deter teen preg­nancies.” Campbell said she hopes that the event not only raises awareness but that it also is fun for the com­munity.

“It is unfor­tu­nately some­thing that’s hap­pening here, and the more we talk about it, the more awareness we can bring and hope­fully the more children we can help,” Campbell said. “We hope that this gets kids out of the house, that we have fam­ilies that get involved. We hope people enjoy it and they tell their friends and we can make this event bigger next year.”

Reg­is­tration for the event is $30 per person and $65 per family.