Hillsdale College | Col­legian

As the semester’s close creeps into being with spring’s budding trees and warm breeze, grad­u­ation looms over the heads of the grad­u­ating class. Whether they’re in the throes of thesis writing, fran­ti­cally applying to jobs, or searching for housing, the seniors’ minds are off campus.

We need to bring them back.

It’s normal to be excited for what lies beyond the cap and gown or to make sure the last semester GPA is still high, but enjoying the final few months of college should also be a pri­ority. Friends made in college are some of the most influ­ential in a young adult’s life — for most, this is the last time they’ll all be in one place. And while it’s tempting to hunker down in an off-campus house to finish homework and job appli­ca­tions, it’s equally important to go up the hill and engage with under­classmen and other seniors.

Aca­d­emics is at the core of a college career, but real growth takes place outside the classroom. Seniors’ under­graduate careers may be drawing to a close, but there is ample oppor­tunity to build rela­tion­ships while fin­ishing strong.

With that said, it’s equally important to keep going to classes. With grad­u­ation less than two months away, seniors tend to lose sight of aca­demic pri­or­ities and put them on the back burner — but attending aca­d­emics is a way to respect pro­fessors and make the most of the edu­cation we came to Hillsdale for.

Seniors, spend time up the hill. Engage with under­classmen. Pull your noses out of books and job appli­ca­tions and enjoy your time here. There’s not much of it left.