The Hillsdale College Chamber Choir will perform at First United Methodist Church in Jackson City. | Col­legian Archives

Hillsdale College’s Chamber Choir will perform a concert Thursday night at 7 p.m. at First United Methodist Church in Jackson City. They are singing as part of a fundraiser for Tuesday Group Musicale, an orga­ni­zation that raises money for music schol­ar­ships for high school stu­dents in Jackson.

James  Holleman, pro­fessor of music and chairman of the department department, said the Jackson Chapter of Tuesday Group Musicale asked him a year ago if he would put together the concert.

“It’s a good fundraiser, and it’s for a worthy cause,” Holleman said. “It’s also a chance to hear our top audition choir at a nice venue. It’s got nice acoustic for us to sing in.”

The music department’s biannual choir con­certs usually feature both the Chamber Choir and the College Choir, but Chamber Choir alone will perform this concert. There will be no inter­mission, and all the music will be a capella.

Gabe Kramer, a sophomore and member of Chamber Choir, said the music is more dif­ficult than what they usually sing.

“Many of these pieces are staples within choral tra­dition, and they have serious history with college choirs, but others are more modern,” Kramer said. “This is an oppor­tunity to see pretty pas­sionate singers in their wheel­house.”

Kramer will also perform a solo in “Brazilian Psalm,” a song involving pul­sating beats and a fast tempo.

“It’s rhyth­mi­cally chal­lenging and throws me back to the Central American beats of my jazz band days,” Kramer said. “It’s sup­posed to be an exciting piece, so I hope it impas­sions the audience.”