Hillsdale College’s Film and Pro­duction Club and the Dow Jour­nalism Program are hosting a screening of the film “Moynihan,” along with a dis­cussion with Joseph Dorman, the film’s writer, director, and pro­ducer. Wiki­media Commons

Hillsdale College’s Film and Pro­duction Club and the Dow Jour­nalism Program are part­nering to host a screening of the film “Moynihan” and a sub­se­quent Q&A session with its writer, director, and pro­ducer Joseph Dorman.

The event will be held in Lane 125 at 6 p.m. on March 21. As the first full-length doc­u­mentary on Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “Moynihan” depicts the life and char­acter of the prominent Demo­c­ratic senator, soci­ol­ogist, ambas­sador, and intel­lectual whose influ­ential work was central to the devel­opment of the 1960s political climate.

Dorman will deliver intro­ductory remarks on Moynihan and the cre­ation of the film before the screening, and he will take ques­tions afterward.

Senior Lydia Reyes, vice pres­ident of the Film and Pro­duction Club, said it will be an honor to have such an accom­plished film­maker as Dorman on campus, and she hopes the event will be well-attended.

“Anyone with any remote interest in pol­itics, jour­nalism, or film is encouraged to come,” she said.

Sophomore Lynde Leatherwood said she is looking forward to the oppor­tunity to learn from Dorman.

“I’m very excited to meet someone in the film industry, and look forward to his tips and sug­ges­tions on how we can improve our craft,” Leatherwood said.

Senior Adam Cieply, the club’s trea­surer, said this will be a unique oppor­tunity to learn about the film­making process.

“You can only learn so much from YouTube,” said Cieply. “This is a great oppor­tunity to learn about casting, writing, and filming — some­thing you don’t often get here.”