Junior Curtis Joseph and Kaitlynn Schenk, sophomore Ellie Fishlock, and freshman Reagan Linde received flowers from a downtown flower shop as part of ‘Insider’s Guide to Hillsdale’ Facebook|Student Activ­ities Board

Guided by an SAB pam­phlet with clues about local Hillsdale busi­nesses, Hillsdale College stu­dents walked the streets downtown Friday with sou­venirs and cards from shops they had visited.

“I have never really been in any of the shops downtown but I always kind of drive by and walk by and see them and think, ‘Oh what a cool looking place,’” junior Nate Gipe said. “So this is kind of just an excuse to go in and not nec­es­sarily have to buy any­thing but just go in there and see it.”

The Insider’s Guide to Hillsdale, an event facil­i­tated by SAB on March 1, was based on a similar event in sophomore and event orga­nizer Claire Lupini’s town called “Tourist in Your Own Town.” Lupini said stu­dents would get a brochure that got them free entry into museums and dis­counts at restau­rants.

“At SAB, we thought it would be cool if we could connect campus with the com­munity and the busi­nesses downtown,” Lupini said. “There’s just a lot of really cool busi­nesses and places down here that people should know about, and we thought we’d want to high­light that to help the stu­dents.”

At Insider’s Guide, stu­dents received a “passport” with a list of clues and a list of busi­nesses, which stu­dents could match to the clues to direct them on their search. At each business, stu­dents received an activity card, did the activity, and were awarded a cookie if they turned in four cards. If they com­pleted all the activ­ities on the scav­enger hunt, they entered a raffle to win a basket with an assortment of goods from some of the stores.

“Our goal in atten­dance was about 50 people, and we hit our goal, so I would say it has been very suc­cessful,” Lupini said.

Healthies of Hillsdale employee Rick Kast said SAB approached Healthies to par­tic­ipate, and they “just wanted to help out in any way we could.”

“I’m hoping it brings people in the door that have never been in before so we can have a sat­isfied cus­tomer,” Kast said. “Our goal is for them to come in and have a good expe­rience, have a healthy shake, and enjoy the product.”

Tammy Immel from the Blossom Shop said it is “nice to have the young people come downtown.”

“I like to see them smile,” Immel said. “As far as I know, many of the stu­dents have never been downtown before, and they were excited about coming downtown…for the business, hope­fully they come down more often and get some flowers or some­thing just to brighten their room, brighten their days.”

Jilly Beans Coffee House employee Lilly Mar­cavage said the SAB event has worked well for the business and for stu­dents.

“We hear a lot about the college stu­dents, and we just want to make it a good com­munity for them and con­tribute to the com­munity to the best of our ability,” Mar­cavage said. “I think this will help bring the stu­dents in and show the stu­dents that this is a happy envi­ronment. They’re more than welcome to try new things, and we are always happy to help them.”

Gipe said there were a lot of inter­esting things downtown and he was glad he went.

“I hope that it increases their business,” Gipe said. “I know a lot of these shops piqued my interest so yeah, I just hope it kind of strengthens the bonds of the stu­dents and the com­munity.”