Every Monday at noon during Lent, Hillsdale College for Life is hosting a lunch and apolo­getics series designed to equip Chris­tians with prac­tical means of arguing for a pro-life position. Facebook

Hillsdale College for Life began a new series exploring the pro-life argument this Monday. The student club, ded­i­cated to pro­tecting unborn lives from abortion, is hosting a series of video viewings and dis­cus­sions every Monday during Lent at noon in Lane 124. Pizza and drinks are pro­vided as stu­dents watch to a video series pro­duced by Scott Klusendorf, pres­ident of the Life Training Institute.

The lec­tures are designed to educate stu­dents on the moral and the­o­logical reasons behind the pro-life view, as well as provide them with the tools for talking to non-Chris­tians regarding the pro-life position. Senior Kathleen Russo, pres­ident of Hillsdale College for Life, explained why the orga­ni­zation is putting on the series.

“This is a video series and it involves a lot of experts, and the video shows the experts meeting with real stu­dents and showing how to discuss pro-life beliefs with others,” she said.

Erik Halvorson, senior and vice pres­ident of Hillsdale College for Life, said there are two areas of focus in the course. Halvorson explained that Chris­tians must under­stand the the­o­logical element of the pro-life argument and also be able to con­vince unbe­lievers why life should be valued from a reli­gious point of view.

“It is the fun­da­mental point of Chris­tianity to value human life because human life is made in the image of God,” Halvorson said. “It is a fun­da­mental aspect of Chris­tianity, to love your neighbor.”

Halvorson said Chris­tians often fail to con­vince those who do not share their reli­gious views of the pro-life message.

“We also cannot impose our faith on someone else. Many pro-life Chris­tians run into that dilemma,” he said. “It is really important for us to under­stand it does not have to be a Christian pro-life argument, even if — as Chris­tians — it comes back to that. It is important for Chris­tians to make the secular and sci­en­tific argument without con­tra­dicting their faith.”

There were fifteen stu­dents who attended the screening of the first video in the “Life is Best” series. Feedback from event coor­di­nators was encour­aging in light of student engagement and interest in the event. Russo said she hopes stu­dents can derive some ben­efits out of the series.

“I hope this series builds intel­ligent stu­dents,” she said. “The first thing that needs to happen for our country and our society to value life is we need informed people to talk about topics with intel­li­gence. Hillsdale does so well in arming our stu­dents to talk about these issues.”

Hillsdale College for Life wel­comes all who are inter­ested and antic­i­pates that more stu­dents will attend the video series in the coming weeks.

“We hope as the event gains traction, more will come,” Russo said.