Lewis Butler ’07 and two other Hillsdale alumni, Wayne Pugh ’06 and Jerry Perkins ’06, recruited stu­dents last week to work for Sim­pleray, a solar energy company. Left to right: Pugh, Butler, Perkins. Regan Meyer | Collegian

While Lewis Butler ’07 focused a large majority of his talk last Thursday on policy and lob­bying for the solar energy industry, he said he wanted stu­dents to come away hearing one message: “Come work at Simpleray.”

Butler and two other Hillsdale alumni, Wayne Pugh ’06 and Jerry Perkins ’06, visited campus with Career Ser­vices to recruit stu­dents for employment at Sim­pleray, for­merly known as Iowa Wind and Solar. The three had open posi­tions that they hoped to fill with Hillsdale graduates.

Butler, Perkins, and Pugh met with stu­dents for lunch on Thursday, and that evening, Butler, sales manager at Sim­pleray, gave a talk on policy and solar energy. After his talk, the three hosted stu­dents for a net­working cocktail hour at Park Place. The recruiting trip is unique to Hillsdale. Butler said it’s the only college from which he and his coworkers are recruiting. 

“We are growing and we need to hire folks,” Butler said. “It’s incredibly hard to hire good people. We all have this deep belief that we can just walk on campus and hire anybody here. Hillsdale people are good people.”

While Butler said he wanted to hire Hillsdale stu­dents because they are “inher­ently good people,” Perkins, oper­a­tions manager, cited the skills Hillsdale stu­dents have upon graduation.

“They have the ability to think on their feet and be flexible and to think through a process and how it will affect not only the imme­diate thing but the thing after that,” he said.

In his Thursday evening talk, Butler focused on Simpleray’s role in lob­bying and policy-making. Junior finance major and math minor Brittany Loomis attended the talk to earn extra credit for her game theory class, but she said she came away with an interest in working for Simpleray.

“I didn’t realize how much policy was involved and how they have to con­sider every state that they enter into business with because that affects their cus­tomer and the demand they’re going to have for their product,” she said.

Sim­pleray has not hired any Hillsdale stu­dents yet, but Butler said there is a high like­lihood they will. Sim­pleray will also offer a few summer posi­tions for Hillsdale stu­dents. The posi­tions will be paid intern­ships based in Grand Rapids and will work with the internal sales team.