On Sat­urday morning, your parents may find out just how self-gov­erning you really are. Meeting with pro­fessors for the bi-annual Parents Weekend con­fer­ences, they’ll brag gently about you, perhaps share an embar­rassing anecdote — and ask about your grades and work ethic and overall success.

Their window into your life doesn’t make you less self-gov­erning or more of a child, a com­plaint stu­dents often toss around about these con­fer­ences. Sure, it might lead to con­se­quences, if you’ve already failed to govern yourself well in the first place. But for that very reason, these con­fer­ences ought to be a boon for your inde­pen­dence and adulthood, not a hin­drance.

Wise adults seek wisdom from others. Self-gov­er­nance and inde­pen­dence come about best through instruction and through rules that guide well. Who better to receive that from than your parents, who desire your success more than almost anyone?

For parents, this is a special oppor­tunity. Before Parents Weekend, they may only hear bits and pieces of our lives in scat­tered phone calls; this is their chance to meet the people we love and learn about what makes Hillsdale College so special. Stu­dents often refer to Hillsdale as “home;” let your parents see why.

These con­fer­ences are a unique oppor­tunity at Hillsdale, which doesn’t face the stringent lim­i­ta­tions on parent-pro­fessor inter­ac­tions wrought by the Family Edu­ca­tional Rights and Privacy Act on fed­erally-funded schools. So if your parents come this weekend, appre­ciate their oppor­tunity to chat with pro­fessors. Most likely, both care for you and have meant a lot in your life.