After serving as the director of pub­li­ca­tions for External Affairs, Monica Van­Der­Weide took the position of director of mar­keting content. Monica Van­Der­Weide | Courtesy

Monica Van­Der­Weide ’95 started her new job as the director of mar­keting content just before winter break. Before taking this position, she was the director of pub­li­ca­tions for External Affairs, which dealt largely with print pub­li­ca­tions.

Van­Der­Weide said she is looking forward to new projects as she takes on Hillsdale’s digital media.

“It’s just exciting that I’ll be involved in some new projects and involved in dif­ferent plat­forms like email newsletters and social media,” Van­Der­Weide said. “The neat thing about the digital realm is that you can get imme­diate feedback and have a back-and-forth con­ver­sation, whereas with print projects you still get feedback, but it’s not always imme­diate.”

Van­Der­Weide grad­uated from Hillsdale in 1995, where she studied English and German. She was also the yearbook editor for one year and a member of the Lambda lota Tau lit­er­ature hon­orary.

Three years after grad­u­ating, Van­Der­Weide returned to her alma mater to work as a staff writer for External Affairs. Soon after, in 2002, she became the director of pub­li­ca­tions until the end of 2018.

As the new director of mar­keting content, Van­Der­Weide said her job is to help “implement the mar­keting department’s mission: to radiate the mission of the college to audi­ences across the country through mul­tiple mediums and bring the college to life through strategic and cre­ative content that inspires action.”

“I’m a writer and editor, and my goal is to tell great stories about the college, our alumni, and stu­dents,” Van­Der­Weide said. “We do a lot with alumni, and some faculty, as well.”

One of her first big projects is updating the course catalog.

“I’m just getting started on that now, which involves going back and forth with department chairs and updating their sec­tions,” she said.

Gianna Marchese ’17, social media coor­di­nator for Hillsdale’s mar­keting department, started working with Van­Der­Weide last summer to dig­itize the Alumni Mag­azine archives. She said she is looking forward to working with Van­Der­Weide more in her new position.

“Monica has an incredible way with words,” Marchese said in an email. “Copy­writing is no easy task, and Monica mas­ter­fully works wonders with it. The work she pub­lishes is bar none. But not only is she an absolute artist with her words, she also has an incredible passion for what she does.”

Van­Der­Weide has two student writers who helped her during her time as the director of pub­li­ca­tions for External Affairs. Junior Kasia Ignatik was hired in spring 2018 and wrote for the college’s print pub­li­ca­tions such as the Hillsdale Mag­azine and others that are sent to alumni.

Ignatik said she is looking forward to working with Van­Der­Weide for the Mar­keting Department.

“It looks like we will have a lot more freedom to write what we like,” Ignatik said. “The thing with external pub­li­ca­tions is that we had set topics, and some­times they didn’t make it in the pub­li­ca­tions or they’d cut them down to half the size. With the new changes, we will be able to tell our stories in their totality.”

Ignatik will be writing pieces for an email newsletter that will focus on Hillsdale’s faculty and alumni.

“It’s still a little bit up in the air as to what I’m going to be doing,” Ignatik said. “But the plan is to have a newsletter, like an e‑newsletter that I’ll get to write for.”

Marchese said Van­Der­Weide is good at passing along her knowledge and skills to her student writers.

“She also teaches her student writers to do the same, which leads to a ded­i­cated team cranking out amazing work,” Marchese said.

The Mar­keting Department is looking forward to having Van­Der­Weide on its team, according to Marchese.

“In mar­keting, we have a strong focus on sto­ry­telling,” she said. “With Monica’s incredible talent for copy­writing, she will breathe new life into our words. Plus, we are very excited to have her on the team simply because she is a kind and won­derful person.”