Hillsdale winter weather is best described as a mal­func­tioning icebox with tem­per­a­tures fluc­tu­ating between ‑40 with wind­chill and 50 degrees and raining. Staying inside during the long months of winter is easy: it’s warm, the tem­per­ature is stable, and you won’t become part of the liberty walk by acci­den­tally staying outside for longer than five minutes. But for the more adven­turous people, there are plenty of things to do during winter around Hillsdale. Here are a few choices:


Sleds run cheap at Wal-Mart starting at $10. (Wiki­media Commons)

Sledding is one of the most under­rated things to do as a young adult. Luckily for you, Hillsdale isn’t called Hillsdale for no reason and there are plenty of hills in the area to sled down. One of the best sledding areas is by the Biermann Center, where the steepest hill on campus can be found. Sleds are pretty cheap if you don’t have one, and it can make for a fun few hours on a Sat­urday or Sunday afternoon.

Cross-Country Ski

Borrow skis from Hayden Park and enjoy the out­doors. (Wiki­media Commons)

The nearest ski hills are about an hour and a half away, and, unless you own a pair of downhill skis, the cost for doing moguls on a poten­tially arti­fi­cially covered slope loses its luster quickly. Luckily, for those who crave the classic winter expe­rience of snow skiing, there is an activity for you: cross country skiing. Hayden Park is perfect for this, and the trails are quite beau­tiful this time of year.



Grab a few friends and take your Friday night to the next level with a few rounds of bowling. (pixabay)

Winter, with its biting cold, is a good time to watch Netflix, which now has The Big Lebowski available for streaming. But if you desire to partake in the activity which the movie is based around, Hillsdale has a bowling alley located at 400 W. Car­leton Rd. Hillsdale Lanes is pretty cheap as well, costing $2.75 per person making this winter estab­lishment a go-to on the weekend.

Listen to new music

Picture yourself in beau­tiful Iceland, while lis­tening to some Ice­landic post-rock. (Wiki­media Commons)

Lis­tening to music is sin­cerely under­rated, and out of all the options on this list, it is the only one that does not require any form of trav­eling. There are plenty of winter themed albums that are perfect for looking at the snow accu­mulate outside your dorm or house too, and it can truly be a relaxing expe­rience away from the world of reading for class, being cold, and spending money.
This author highly sug­gests checking out the Ice­landic Post-Rock album Ágætis byrjun by Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens’ album Michigan, and Biosphere’s Sub­strata. All of these albums are, of course, available on all major streaming plat­forms and Youtube.