Auto-Owners Insurance will be one of the employers at the Job Pursuit event in Lansing, Michigan. Steve Bohus, cor­porate recruiting coor­di­nator (pic­tured), and the Auto-Owners Insurance team open their head­quarters to Hillsdale stu­dents for a free lunch during the job fair. Rebecca Galvan | Courtesy

The oppor­tunity to meet an employer, establish a con­nection, and interview for a job that very same day is not a typical expe­rience.

On Feb. 15, Job Pursuit, an annual job fair hosted by Michigan private uni­ver­sities in Lansing, Michigan, will give Hillsdale College stu­dents that chance. Over 50 com­panies will be present ranging from fields such as business, social ser­vices, and gov­ernment. Stu­dents will have the oppor­tunity to meet with employers in the morning, and then in the afternoon be for­mally inter­viewed for an actual position or internship. Some com­panies that will be rep­re­sented include Enter­prise Rent-A-Car, Hantz Group, and Alro Steel Trans­portation. Lunch will be pro­vided by Career Ser­vices, and stu­dents can sign up through Hand­shake or the Career Ser­vices offices. The deadline to sign up is Feb. 8.

“The two types of people who would want to go to this are one, someone who’s looking for a job or internship, and two, someone who just wants real employer-net­working and interview expe­rience,” said Assistant Director of Career Ser­vices Rebecca Galvan.

According to Galvan, Job Pursuit is unique since all employers are required to interview, and even if stu­dents aren’t asked back for an interview, mock inter­views will be available.

“You’ll have interview practice no matter what,” Galvan said.

Sophomore mar­keting man­agement major Dennis Fassett plans on attending the fair and is excited for the unique inter­viewing format.

“I’m really looking forward to expe­ri­encing how the net­working is going to work in the morning and how to work the con­ver­sation from ‘Hi, my name is Dennis,’ to ‘OK, so we’ll be inter­viewing at 2pm today,’” Fasset said.  

On Feb. 11 and 12, Career Ser­vices will be offering two preparatory sem­inars to give stu­dents advice and more infor­mation regarding the fair. Galvan men­tioned that stu­dents who want one-on-one advice can also make appoint­ments with Career Ser­vices “to walk through their game-plan indi­vid­ually.”

Both Fassett and Galvan stressed how great of an oppor­tunity Job Pursuit is for stu­dents looking for jobs or intern­ships.

“It’s all just going to be right there and you can interview that same day and either get part of the interview process out of the way or maybe get an offer,” Fasset said. “It’s all sitting there for you —you don’t have to go looking for it.”