Nathan Grime is the Sports Editor for the Hillsdale Col­legian. (Facebook)


Long before he pub­lished his first story, at age 5, Nathan Grime was tuning in to St. Louis  Car­dinals games on the radio after his bedtime and looking for the writeups in the paper the next day.

“I was a little kid, so my bedtime was like 8 o‘clock, so I would always turn it down really really quiet and I would sleep right next to my radio lis­tening to the entire game,” he said. “And the next morning we would get the news­paper, and I would read the article about the game I had lis­tened to the night before. I knew exactly what had hap­pened in the game, but I just really liked the concept of someone putting that in the paper and asking the players and coaches stuff about the game.”

In his junior year now at Hillsdale, Grime heads the sports section of The Col­legian after serving as assistant sports editor last year.

But he didn’t wait until college to start his jour­nalism career. Growing up, he would often write game recaps for his mom.

“By the time I actually kind of learned how to write — like in middle school— I remember I still liked lis­tening to games on the radio or watching them on TV some­times,” he said. “I would pretend like I was a reporter and write a recap of it, and then I would show my mom and have her read it as if she was one of my readers.”

Even­tually Grime started an online sports blog, where he wrote edi­to­rials about the Car­dinals. Then second semester freshman year he pub­lished his first story in The Hillsdale Col­legian. And most recently, he took an internship this summer cov­ering the Lakeshore Chi­nooks baseball team in Wis­consin.

“It’s the very first time I’ve been able to cover a semi-pro­fes­sional sports team every single night, and I think it’s a pretty good sim­u­lation of what real-life sports reporting is like,” he said. “I go to games every single night, and I stay up in a press box, and I really like the routine of it.”

While he was fol­lowing the Car­dinals, Grime often read sports­writer Bernie Miklasz and appre­ciated his tal­ented writing and good edi­torial instincts.

“I just really liked how he wrote. It was very blunt, straight­forward, he took his job very seri­ously. He wasn’t a go-along-to-get-along type of guy, but he also gave praise where it was due,” he said. “When fans are reading someone’s opinion about a baseball team, they don’t want a watered-down, rose-colored version of it, and he was always good at directing crit­icism where it should be directed.”

As the Col­legian sports editor this year, Grime said he feels well pre­pared after working as an assistant editor under Stevan Bennett ’18 last year.

“What’s unique about sports jour­nalism com­pared to all those other kinds is that sports jour­nalism is all those other kinds. So it’s news in the sense that you’re writing game recaps, it’s fea­tures in that you can profile the ath­letes and talk about their stories, it’s opinions because you can write what you think about a team, and there’s even room for inves­tigative reporting,” he said.

In addition to sports jour­nalism, Grime also plays club baseball and “pretty much all” the intra­mural sports. He is a res­ident assistant in Gal­loway Res­i­dence, takes organ and voice lessons, par­tic­i­pates in the college and chamber choirs, and plays organ and piano for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Hillsdale.

Although he came to Hillsdale thinking he would study pol­itics, he decided after taking a few classes that it was more of a hobby. He is majoring in rhetoric and public address and said he would have chosen jour­nalism if the college offered it as a major.

Grime said he appre­ciates how easy it is to make friends at Hillsdale, and enjoys par­tic­i­pating in dorm events as an RA, such as the RA “Roast” he and a friend planned last year.

He said his favorite thing about Hillsdale is how easy it is to be a part of a lot of dif­ferent circles.

“I do music at Hillsdale, and jour­nalism, and I’m an RA, so it’s just been really easy to bounce back and forth between all those things and not feel like you’re in com­pletely dif­ferent crowds, because there’s a lot of dif­ferent people who are very well-rounded,” he said.

After college Grime said he wants to do some­thing similar to what he has done at his internship this past summer: “Cov­ering a team, working for a team, going to games, writing about them, getting inter­views and pro­files and things like that”.