Water damage from frozen pipe burst in Saucy Dog’s after polar vortex. Courtesy| Susan Sweeney

After closing for water damage in January, Saucy Dog’s Bar­beque in Jonesville will reopen in less than a week.

During the polar vortex earlier this year, a water pipe in the second floor of Saucy Dog’s burst the afternoon of Jan. 21 and flooded the kitchen on the first floor, according to Susan Sweeney, whose son owns the restaurant. Repairs started imme­di­ately, and Mike Sweeney, the owner, said he worked closely with Servpro Indus­tries Inc., Foulke Con­struction, and Moore Insurance Ser­vices Inc. to get every­thing back to normal. Mike expects to reopen on Tuesday for regular business hours.

“Servpro took the wheel in terms of repairs and what needed to be taken out,” Mike Sweeney said. “They told me we’re going to have to get rid of walls, take up flooring, and take down the ceiling. It was a lot more extensive than I orig­i­nally thought.”

Mike Sweeney says it was for­tunate that the water only flooded into the kitchen and didn’t do further damage to the restaurant. Part of the flooring on the second story had to be replaced, but he said those repairs were for for a utility room, so it wasn’t a major problem.

The security cameras detected motion, Susan Sweeney said, and it seems that the water burst began around 3 pm.

“It looked like a waterfall coming down in front of the friers,” she said. “It was leaking quite a while before that, but we dis­covered it at 11 pm, so there were several hours of a high pressure water pipe and slow leaking.”

After dis­cov­ering the burst pipe, Mike Sweeney first called Moore Insurance and then brought in Servpro to take care of the water damage. Once the repairs were underway, he said he got in touch with Foulke Con­struction. Because they first built the restaurant, according to Sweeney, they had the plans for the interior.

“I told them to put it back the way it was,” he said. “I was pretty hands off for the rebuilding process, so I got to work to other parts, like cleaning things that need cleaned, and right now, I’m unbolting chairs and working on them.”

The building is close to 200 years, he said, so the water easily harmed the structure. Mike Sweeney plans to use spray foam in the new ceiling so future pipe bursts won’t cause as many problems.

“The repairs took longer than I thought it would,” he said. “I had no idea water could cause damage that much. Minus 20 degrees at night was a little too much for the building.”

Susan Sweeney was also sur­prised to see the amount of damage water can cause.

“It was a huge under­taking to get those walls and floor replaced,” she said. “We had move kitchen equipment out and back in. It was amazing how much damage water can do in that short time.”

Mike Sweeney said he was thankful for all the help Moore Insurance, Servpro, and Foulke Con­struction pro­vided during

The reopening is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 26, but Saucy Dog’s might host a special cel­e­bration later.

“We might do some kind of event in a week or two, like a grand reopening,” Mike Sweeney said. “For now, we’re just opening back up to business as usual. I’m excited to get back in swing of things.”