Fall dec­o­ra­tions in front of Smith’s Flower Shop in downtown Hillsdale. Col­legian| Calli Townsend

The Student Activ­ities Board will host Insider’s Guide to Hillsdale, an event con­necting stu­dents with local busi­nesses, this Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Orig­i­nally pro­posed by sophomore and SAB member Claire Lupini, Insider’s Guide to Hillsdale is a way for stu­dents to get to know the downtown area while having fun with friends. SAB will have a booth setup in front of the Hillsdale County Cour­t­house for stu­dents to meet at the start, and from there they will get a clue sheet to bring to busi­nesses and score bingo spots for each spot they reach.

The game involves sev­enteen busi­nesses, each with an activity card already pre­pared. When stu­dents arrive at each business, they will com­plete their activity in order to achieve that bingo spot. Stu­dents can collect a small bingo prize after com­pleting four activ­ities.

“They’re simple, like pick out your favorite book at the used book­store downtown or take a picture of a really cute pet at the pet shop downtown, dif­ferent stuff like that,” Lupini said.

And there are give­aways at certain busi­nesses.

“Like the coffee shops will have a dollar off coffee if you show your student ID, and Smith’s Flowers will have a free flower, same with Blossom Shop,” Lupini said. “And then Toasted Mud you can start work on your own tile if you show your student ID, and then you get to take that home.”

And if they fill out the entire bingo sheet, stu­dents will be entered to win a goody basket.

Lupini pro­posed the event before Christmas break, inspired by her own hometown where they host an event called “Tourist for a Day” in which res­i­dents get free entry to museums and tours.

“I thought this would be a really good thing to bring to Hillsdale because we actually have a lot of really cool places in town,” she said. “This is a really good way to get people downtown and involved in the com­munity.”

Staff Advisor Alexandra Whitford said that parents are welcome to joins stu­dents since it’s parents weekend.

“That was def­i­nitely an attracting quality [in selecting the date] to get parents in on knowing the college camps because they don’t really get the chance much to see downtown,” she said.

According to Lupini, work for the event really began the first full week of feb­ruary, since new ideas always require sig­nif­i­cantly more work than annual events. The spring time is a good time to do outdoor events, such as the Detroit trip and the ski trip, since people are ready to get outside after the winter.

Because it’s a new event, SAB doesn’t know how large it will be, although Lupini said that on a scale of SAB events, it’s con­sidered of the bigger events, com­pa­rable to Taste of Manning, and the entire SAB staff will be working the event.

“It could be fifty people. It could be a few hundred,” Whitford said. “But we’re pre­pared for them all.”