Mossey Library now offers a free digital sub­scription to The New York Times. Matthew Fisher | Col­legian

Hillsdale College stu­dents and faculty will now be able to access The New York Times dig­i­tally without paying for a sub­scription, thanks to recent changes at Mossey Library.

Mossey Library is entering the digital world of news media as all stu­dents and faculty will have full online access to The New York Times. The New York Times Company has estab­lished a new program that offers digital access to edu­cators and insti­tu­tions for the purpose of expanding access for K‑12 and post­sec­ondary stu­dents.

This change high­lights a growing trend in the world of print as the growth in tech­nology has led to enormous shifts in the dis­tri­b­ution of news and media. Already, numerous pub­li­ca­tions including the Wall Street Journal offer student sub­scrip­tions at dis­count rates; however, this new school-wide sub­scription to The New York Times marks a notable change in how Mossey Library dis­tributes its content. Tech­nical Ser­vices Librarian LeAnne Rumler said the rationale for acquiring digital access had to do with archive space.

“Some pub­lishers are moving away from print, offering only elec­tronic content,” Rumler said. “For libraries, when space becomes an issue, replacing hun­dreds of stored print volumes with an online sub­scription makes sense.”

John Miller, director of the Dow Jour­nalism Program, said this new access will be ben­e­ficial for all.

“Although it can drive me crazy, The New York Times remains one of America’s great news­papers — and we’re for­tunate to enjoy this access to it,” he said. “I’m already reading it more than I was.”

Already, numerous stu­dents have reached out to the library expressing interest and excitement at the free access to the Times; however, it is unknown just how many stu­dents have signed up for the digital version.

Some stu­dents are skep­tical as to how much of an impact the avail­ability will have on interest and read­ership of The New York Times on campus.

Freshman Jacob Ngobi said he reads The New York Times once every week or so.

“While I think it will make things easier for stu­dents who already read daily pub­li­ca­tions like The New York Times, I do not believe it will nec­es­sarily attract any new readers at Hillsdale,” Ngobi said. “If you are not already reading The New York Times, I do not see how it being digital would incen­tivize reading it more.”

While the dig­i­tal­ization of The New York Times at Hillsdale marks the most sig­nif­icant pub­li­cation at the library to go online, stu­dents may have to wait a while if they are hoping to see other major news­papers become available online.

“We do not cur­rently have a for­malized plan for replacing the library’s print sub­scrip­tions with elec­tronic access, but it is cer­tainly a trend for pub­lishers and libraries,” Rumler said.

Stu­dents and faculty inter­ested in accessing the New York Times can do so by reg­is­tering an account listed under Hillsdale College at