Career Ser­vices is hosting its annual Clas­sical School Job Fair on Feb. 14 and 15. Pexels

On Feb. 14 and 15, clas­sical schools from across America will descend upon Hillsdale College’s campus for the 11th annual job fair. The event, co-spon­sored by Career Ser­vices and the Barney Charter School Ini­tiative, is expected to attract 46 schools from 22 states and Wash­ington D.C., promising to be the largest fair yet.   

The event will take place Thursday in the Searle Center from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.. On Friday, job seekers have the oppor­tunity to interview with schools they spoke with the day before. Many will be rep­re­sented by Hillsdale College alums now working for their respective schools, giving current stu­dents common ground on which to build.

The fair is a crucial oppor­tunity for stu­dents seeking careers in edu­cation. Senior Shelby Bar­gen­quast attended the job fair for the first time during her sophomore year and again her junior year to get a feel for what it was like. Having com­pleted her degree require­ments a semester early and with her wedding on the horizon, the fair is more important than ever.

“There’s obvi­ously a lot more on the line this year,” Bar­gen­quast said. “I probably have a pretty unique sit­u­ation because my fiancé just found out he got accepted to Ken­tucky Uni­versity for grad school. There’s only one school coming from the entire state of Ken­tucky, so I’m planning on making a beeline to that one school.”

Seniors and soon-to-be-new­lyweds Calvin Kinney and Emily Walker have been applying to numerous clas­sical schools via the internet but are excited to interact with rep­re­sen­ta­tives in person.

“Talking to so many dif­ferent schools will probably help us figure out some of what we do and don’t want in a school,” Walker said. “We’re both just starting the search process, and it’s hard to know what we’re looking for. I think it’ll be useful to talk with people and hear some of the options and oppor­tu­nities across the country.”

Getting married this summer adds an addi­tional layer of urgency and com­plexity to the job search, but Kinney said he isn’t worried about it.

“To me, it’s exciting,” he said. “I’m not stressed because I know God will provide a job wherever it is. We’re excited to teach and become part of a great com­munity of people.”

While the fair is geared toward upper­classmen, Director of Career Ser­vices Joanna Wiseley urged freshmen and sopho­mores to attend as well.

“It’s a great oppor­tunity for under­classmen to check out the world of edu­cation and see if that’s some­thing they might be inter­ested in,” she said.

Regardless of school year, Wiseley encouraged all stu­dents to come to the event pre­pared.

“Pro­fes­sional to business casual attire is a must,” Wiseley said. “For seniors, bring copies of your resume and do your research on the schools that will be attending so you can be informed and effi­cient.”

Most important, Wiseley said, is con­veying to potential employers a passion for learning and sharing it with stu­dents.

“If you love to teach and want a job, be there,” she said. “These schools want Hillsdale grads. It’s a seller’s market.”