Equip Min­istries started a new program called Prayer Lab, which aims to help stu­dents apply prayer to their lives by looking at dif­ferent bib­lical prayers. Pexels

Equip Min­istries, a Christian orga­ni­zation on campus, began a new program called Prayer Lab this month to support stu­dents in deep­ening their spir­itual lives. The group meets once a week to explore dif­ferent styles of prayer and encourage one another in their spir­itual journeys. 

“Our goal is to equip people with the tools to develop their prayer lives, to really seek the kingdom of God through prayer,” said junior Jenna Wiita, who is in charge of the new program.

Each week, stu­dents will examine a new tech­nique to focus one’s attention on God. From struc­tured and tra­di­tional prayers to more cre­ative and freestyle methods such as prayer sketching and jour­naling, the goal is for par­tic­i­pants to find a variety of ways to ensure a more mean­ingful experience.

“Prayer Lab is a really cool expe­rience because it allows you to set aside a little time before your week starts to meet with other believers and intercede in a dif­ferent way,” said freshman Sonya Wirkus. “I really like what the leaders are trying to accom­plish — just show that prayer is raw and honest, and God always wants to hear what you have to say.”

Freshman Ashley Warden, co-leader of Prayer Lab said “learning how to sit in God’s presence is some­thing that’s very over­looked in today’s culture, espe­cially in the culture of the church.” While prayer is common, the leaders of this group want to change how it can be overlooked. 

“The greatest com­mandment is to love God, and in order to love someone you have to be in com­mu­ni­cation with them,” Wiita said. “This is the avenue God has given us for that.”

Through reading Scripture, looking at familiar prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer with fresh eyes, and dis­cov­ering new ways to talk to God, the leaders of Equip’s Prayer Lab are excited to develop their faiths with all who attend. 

Prayer Lab is held in the Formal Lounge every Sunday night at 7 p.m.