Former editor-in-chief Breana Noble ’18 took second place for Best Writer at the Michigan Press Association’s College Better News­paper Contest. Col­legian

Com­peting with other writers from weekly college news­papers across Michigan, Breana Noble ’18, last year’s Col­legian editor-in-chief, took second place for Best Writer at the Michigan Press Association’s College Better News­paper Contest last week. The 2017 – 2018 Col­legian staff won nine other awards as well.

“This is a won­derful recog­nition of our ter­rific jour­nalism stu­dents,” said John Miller, director of Hillsdale’s Dow Jour­nalism Program. “Most impressive may be the numbers and range: eight stu­dents won awards in seven cat­e­gories. These awards are a tes­tament to the long hours the Col­legian staff devotes to this work as well as to the quality of what they produce each week.”

The MPA accepted 765 entries from 17 Michigan college news­papers, orga­nized in three divi­sions. The Col­legian com­peted in the second division against other weekly papers. Michigan State Uni­versity took first place for 2018 College News­paper of the Year in that division.

The Col­legian grabbed awards in mul­tiple cat­e­gories.

Just behind Noble, Mark Naida ’18 took hon­orable mention in the best writer cat­egory. In the fea­tures cat­egory, senior Julie Havlak took first place and hon­orable mention, and Jo Kroeker ’18 grabbed second place. Madeleine Jepsen ’18 placed third in the news story cat­egory, and Katie Scheu ’18 took third for an edi­torial she wrote. Madeline Fry ’18 took third place in a column cat­egory as well as hon­orable mention for a news photo. Hannah Niemeier ’18 received hon­orable mention for non-front page cover design for her Culture page.

“There was strong com­pe­tition in many of the writing cat­e­gories this year, so I’m proud of the Collegian’s work,” said Maria Servold, assistant director of the Dow Jour­nalism Program.

Junior Nolan Ryan, the Collegian’s news editor, also received a Michigan Press Asso­ci­ation Foun­dation schol­arship, offered to stu­dents from Michigan who have reporting expe­rience in the area and plan to pursue jour­nalism.

“We are very proud of Nolan and grateful for his hard work on the Col­legian and at his intern­ships,” Servold said.

Noble said she is proud of the Col­legian staff’s work last year.

“It’s been a great team effort, and I’m grateful for the editors for making it what it is: a product that stu­dents can enjoy reading every week,” she said.