Luke Woltanski plays the key­board during a live per­for­mance with Dalton Sala’s at Hillsdale’s Rough Draft. COLLEGIAN | Sutton Dun­woodie

Live music com­bined with the familiar smell of coffee trans­forms atmos­pheres and brings people together. Around 20 people gathered in the back of Hillsdale’s Rough Draft Friday night, to hear the sounds of local musi­cians Luke Woltanski and Dalton Sala.

Woltanski and Sala, both of whom are stu­dents at the college, played from 8 to 10 p.m. last weekend. Both have played at Rough Draft before as part of the coffee shop’s push to have live music every Friday night.

Woltanski played the key­board, guitar, and sang while Sala accom­panied on acoustic guitar. The audience appre­ciated the music, and applauded at the end of every jam.

Rachel Solomito ’17, the general manager of Rough Draft, said Woltanski is one of the more regular acts at the coffee shop.

“Having music is really pleasant, it adds a vibrant atmos­phere. I think having live music here really fills up the space,” Jessica Chen, a student who attended the concert said.

Woltanski said people often describe his style of music as a mix of folk and jazz, with some blues influ­ences, and that he strives to play music that is dif­ferent. In addition to playing a number of common instru­ments, Woltanski also plays a Native American flute and Solomito said he has played the spoons in Rough Draft before.

“We didn’t know what to expect because we never know what people are going to play or sing,” Solomito said. “Luke is awesome. He brings some really unique sounds here.”

Woltanski and Sala have been playing music together ever since they met in Gal­loway two years ago, Sala said. The two com­posed an original song, “The Ballad of Sugar and Jr.,” which was pub­lished in the Detroit-based Big City Rhythm and Blues Mag­azine.

Woltanski said he will soon be releasing an album called “The Sketch of a Man,” which has several songs that feature Sala on guitar. After about an hour of playing on Friday, Sala took a break and let Woltanski play a solo set to promote his new album.

“While Luke brings charisma, folk-fla­vored pro­gres­sions, and very nar­rative lyrics to the table, I con­tribute a somewhat quieter persona with more eclectic and tech­ni­cally-driven melodies,” Sala said. “It’s a strange com­bi­nation in some ways, but that’s really what makes playing together so fun.”

Sala said Rough Draft was their favorite venue to play in town because they get to play in front of their friends and peers.

Woltanski was able to come up with another fringe benefit of playing in a cof­fee­house.

“You get free coffee for playing, what more could you pos­sibly ask for?” Woltanksi said.