Corinne Prost (Photo: Charger Ath­letics / Courtesy)

Corinne Prost is a senior from Peoria, Arizona. She is studying Rhetoric and Public Address at Hillsdale, and is on the women’s tennis team.


Q: When did you first pick up a tennis racquet?

CP: I first picked up a racquet when I was about 10 years old. I was playing soccer at the time, and I wanted more playing time. My neighbors came over one day, and said they were going to a tennis clinic so I had my mom sign me up and I loved it imme­di­ately. I loved the way the ball felt hitting off my racquet.

Q: What’s a life lesson you’ve learned while playing tennis here?

CP: Pos­i­tivity through per­se­verance will ulti­mately give you the break­throughs you need. It’s okay to rely on others — this is a tough lesson for everyone, no matter how inde­pendent they think they are. To truly allow others to meet you where you’re falling short and be open about your flaws allows you to be stronger through devel­oping humility.

Q: How has faith been a part of your mem­bership on the tennis team?

CP: I love the team prayer before every match. It’s a long-standing tra­dition, but it really sets the tone for every match. It reminds us that there’s a greater glory to be had, and it takes that pressure off — that no matter what happens, God is a proud Father who is always going to be excited for you and happy that you offer such a gift from Him to Him.

Q: How do you balance being an athlete, a student, and a part of Greek life?

CP: Some­times not every­thing is going to be perfect like you want it to be. You’re going to be sweaty at a meeting, you’re going to be gross from a match, or rushing over in pin attire to change for practice, but to be open and honest with those around you about your goals — people will be receptive to that and admire it. They’ll rec­ognize the purpose behind what you do and respect that.

Q: You’re recently engaged! Tell us about it.

CP: God made it very clear that it was right. We’ve been openly dis­cussing the pos­si­bility for a while. [My fiancé Cole] came to the Kappa house for lunch, and afterward was playing on the piano and made me come sit by him. He pulled the ring box out of his pocket and put it on top of the piano, and leans over and starts singing “Will You Marry Me?” to me.