Below are the results of The Collegian’s annual “Best of Hillsdale” survey. The survey was pub­lished in last week’s Student Activ­ities Board newsletter and received 135 responses.



Best Fast Food

McDonald’s is for all the people: Big Macs for the big macs and salads for the vegans; a playland for the kiddos and flower-adorned tables for date-night couples; auto­mated checkout machines for the technos and friendly cashiers for the old-school. And a dollar menu for low-budget college stu­dents. You can’t beat this classic fast food chain, a worldwide phe­nomenon right here in Hillsdale. Just hope the ice cream machine isn’t broken.

– Nicole Ault


Rough Draft

Best Coffee

Rough Draft is the perfect spot to sit down with a coffee and chill out after a long week of work. The rustic interior, com­bined with an atmos­phere of urban class, makes this coffee shop a great place to do some reading or catch up with friends. Coffee lovers will enjoy the quality and variety, but they also serve an array of other bev­erages and food for those whose tastes don’t tend toward the caf­feinated.

– Nolan Ryan


Udder Side

Best Ice Cream

If you’re looking for quality ice cream, look no further than the Udder Side. A Jonesville icon, the ice cream shop has every­thing your sweet-tooth desires, from soft serve cones to hard scoops and spe­cialty cre­ations such as the “Manure Spreader,” a cre­ation of brownie pieces, peanut butter, hot fudge, and whipped cream with soft serve ice cream. But the ice cream doesn’t stop there: ice cream drinks and other cre­ations on a stick make sure there is some­thing for everyone at Udder Side.

– Josephine Von Dohlen


Hillside Lanes

Best Enter­tainment

Located not far from campus, Hillsdale Lanes is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours on a week­night if you’re looking for a study break, or an entire day if you’re in need of some­thing to do with friends on a weekend. Bowling is rea­sonably priced; per game bowling is less than $3 per person, and shoe rental is less than $2 per person. There’s a gen­erous selection of food and drinks at Lane 17 Sports Bar, located right inside the bowling alley.

– Nathan Grime



Best Pizza

Nothing says ‘Bring on the weekend’ (or homework all-nighter) better than a tray of carry-out carbs and a side of bread­sticks. Located three minutes from campus, Domino’s pro­vides speedy service, and cus­tomers can follow each stage of their order using the Live Pizza Tracker app. $6 for Valen­tines, $20 for Galen­tines. 2018’s biggest worldwide pizza chain is now Hillsdale College stu­dents’ first choice.

– Brooke Conrad


Lake Baw Beese

Best Nature Hangout

Just a five minute drive from campus, Baw Beese boasts three playsets, various picnic areas, a paved trail system, and a well-kept sandy beach. In the summer and early fall seasons, stu­dents can grab a friend and head to the Hillsdale Country Club for some paddle boarding or kayaking courtesy of SAB. In the winter months, stu­dents can grab a hot bev­erage and watch local fam­ilies play hockey and ice fish on the frozen lake. Whatever the season, Baw Beese is the perfect place to relax and unwind: sit on the dock, watch the sunset, stargaze, and forget about those three term papers due on Tuesday.

– Regan Meyer


The Hunt Club

Best Burger

If you’re looking for a classic sports bar, a good date spot, or just an incredible burger, the Hunt Club is the place to go. With burgers as exotic as the Sunny Side Up, a burger with bacon and fried egg, served on Texas toast, or as classic as the Hunt Club burger itself, in addition to pizza, spe­cialty salads, and even a Mexican menu, the Hunt Club has some­thing for everyone. Grab a friend; grab a blind date; grab the best burger in Hillsdale.

– Carmel Kookogey


Pub & Grub

Best Bar

A favorite for both stu­dents and locals, Hillsdale’s Here’s to You Pub & Grub is the go-to for a downtown drink. Grub includes items like cheesecake with rasp­berry bourbon sauce or a Kevin’s Tossed Salad with chicken or steak on a bed of arugula. With a split-level set up, you can take your drinks upstairs for a game of pool, or dance the night away on the dance floor. Sipping away your school-time sorrows just got a little bit easier.

– Jordyn Pair



Best Date Spot

Romantic ambience, house-made wine, and filet mignon — Olivia’s Chop House has it all. This quaint but elegant restaurant, located in Jonesville, has been the go-to date night location for years, and with good reason. With a varied list of appe­tizers, deli­cious entrees, and a selection of wines from around the world, Olivia’s has some­thing for everyone. If you’re looking to splurge a bit on Valentine’s Day — or Galentine’s? — head to Olivia’s for a night worth remem­bering.

– Kaylee McGhee