The Palace Cafe, open all night Friday and Sat­urday, brings in a variety of patrons on weekend nights. Katie J. Read | Col­legian

The Palace Cafe is closing today, and — as the out­pouring on social media sug­gests — it’s sad news for the people of Hillsdale. There’s a potential deal in the works that would reopen the building — and we hope that whoever does end up with the property will keep the old-school cafe running just as it has for a century.

Along with old-fash­ioned prices, The Palace has offered timeless charm: For college stu­dents caught up in screen tech­nology, the cafe has decades-old mirrors and murals and floor tiles that sweep stu­dents away to days of old.

The Palace has seen many a late-night meal, and we hope a new owner would bring that tra­dition back. Locals and stu­dents crowded around its diner booths, engaged in lively con­ver­sation. Its famous pan­cakes — often the size of a large frying pan — are just one of many things that make The Palace an emblem in Hillsdale lore.

This is a small town, and The Palace is one of several busi­nesses that make it home. For years, it has allowed stu­dents to become a part of the com­munity. We’d be remiss to take for granted its small-town quirks, and we hope to see them again soon.