Freshmen Vic­toria Nunez and Jeremiah Tiews are the hosts of “Business Casual,” Enactus’ new podcast focusing on local busi­nesses . Vic­toria Mar­shall | Col­legian

Hillsdale College entre­pre­neurial club, Enactus, hopes to bridge the gap between the student body and the broader Hillsdale com­munity with the launch of their new podcast, “Business Casual”.

Hosts freshmen Jeremiah Tiews and Vic­toria Nuñez will interview local small business owners from Hillsdale through the college’s radio station, Radio Free Hillsdale. The goal of the podcast is to form rela­tion­ships with local busi­nesses in Hillsdale, to inform and educate stu­dents, and to get the word out for these busi­nesses.

“We’d love Hillsdale stu­dents to patronize more busi­nesses in Hillsdale,” Vice Pres­ident of Enactus junior Abigail Van­denBerg said. “I’m from a college town, and the college is always involved with the town and the town with the college, and that’s such a great rela­tionship that I think we’re really missing at Hillsdale, and this is just one small step.”

Every year, Enactus club members develop a project to address dif­ferent problems in the com­munity, and that’s how “Business Casual” was con­cep­tu­alized.

“Some of our first meetings we were just brain­storming dif­ferent problems in the com­munity that we could fix and that’s kind of where it started,” Sec­retary of Enactus sophomore Madison Van­de­grift said. “There’s such a huge gap between the com­munity and the stu­dents on campus. Some stu­dents have never actually gone into downtown Hillsdale, so we were just trying to find some­thing that would reach everyone. And the idea of a podcast show just popped up and we were like, let’s just go with it.”

As well as offering a platform for local busi­nesses, club members hope the podcast will inform and educate stu­dents on the nuances of running a small business.

“We’re bringing entre­pre­neurs and inno­vators onto the show that may have some really great advice for stu­dents,” Van­de­grift said, also men­tioning that they plan to host college faculty members and other Hillsdale stu­dents with business expertise on the podcast.

The club hopes to broadcast two inter­views per month. The first inter­viewee will be Brett Boyd, owner of Hometown Hotspot in Hillsdale. Club members are also eyeing Pub & Grub on North Street.

“Deep down what we’re looking for is a story,” Nuñez said. “A story we can learn from and a story that can help us after we graduate and try and start our own business.”

The club plans to launch the podcast on Feb. 6, and lis­teners can tune in through Sound­cloud, Apple Pod­casts, and Stitcher, or they can listen live through 101.7 FM Radio Free Hillsdale. Stu­dents can expect to get dis­counts from local busi­nesses through a livestream version online. Dis­counts will not be offered through the radio air version due to FCC rules.

“On the live stream, we’re going to try and offer student dis­counts for that par­ticular business and just some business news,” Van­denberg said. “But mainly, we just want to hear a really cool story with a great person in the com­munity to bring you closer to the Hillsdale com­munity, but also maybe inspire you a little bit.”