The college can­celed Wednesday classes and Thursday morning classes, the first clo­sures since 2011. Left to right: junior Frances Wiese, sophomore Jonathan Bauman, junior Emma Peters. Christian Yiu | Collegian

This article has been updated to reflect more current information.

Hillsdale College can­celed Wednesday’s classes school-wide due to weather, though campus offices remained open. At the time of print, the admin­is­tration had also can­celed Thursday classes until 1 p.m.

Hillsdale College Pres­ident Larry Arnn warned stu­dents to bundle up in an auto­mated phone call made to stu­dents can­celing Thursday morning classes. 

“The morning classes are can­celed, except for the young man who was running across the campus in shorts and a T‑shirt, whose identity we are seeking,” Arnn said on the message. “He is to report to my office properly clothed.” 

This is the third time classes have been can­celed since 1994.The last can­cel­la­tions were in 2011, according to Public Service Librarian Linda Moore, once for snow and once for ice. Since the blizzard of 1978, the college has called off classes five times. 

The high in Hillsdale on Wednesday was minus 13 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

“This is the first can­cel­lation that I know of purely because of tem­per­a­tures,” said Provost David Whalen in an email to the Col­legian. “The last can­cel­lation was, I believe, due to ice and this occurred several years ago.”

Can­cel­la­tions were first dis­cussed on Monday morning, Whalen said.

Hillsdale College can­celed Wednesday classes and Thursday morning classes. The high in Hillsdale on Wednesday was minus 13, according to the National Weather Service. Nolan Ryan | Collegian

The dining hall was open for meals, according to a campus-wide email from Arnn.

“We imagine that stu­dents will still go outside — for example, to the dining hall to eat — and we caution them to bundle up and cover every patch of skin on their bodies,” Arnn said. “If you do not have warm clothes, plan to pur­chase some. This is Michigan.”

Whalen said the campus buildings will still be open, as well.

“Except for classes, it will be business as usual,” he said.

Brock Lutz, director of Health Ser­vices, said in a campus-wide email that the Health and Wellness Center would be open for regular oper­a­tions until noon.

Hillsdale college rarely cancels classes. 

Moore said she has seen reports that said 1978 was “the first time in 40 years classes had been canceled.”

“When the college was smaller, some­times classes would be dis­missed for a variety of reasons, one being the death of someone con­nected to the college, but that hasn’t hap­pened in a very long time,” she said.

Some sports teams also had practice, including the baseball team and swim team, according to their captains. 

Stu­dents’ reac­tions to the can­cel­la­tions have been mixed. 

“My plans are to observe my less prudent peers develop frostbite as they cel­e­brate the can­cel­lation of classes by gala­vanting around in the weather they were com­plaining about five seconds earlier,” said sophomore Asa Hoffman in a Twitter message. 

But others have dif­ferent plans. 

“Plans for tomorrow include a box of wine, cleaning up the house, catching up on free­lance design work, watching movies, and reading for English,” senior Zane Miller said in a Twitter message. “Call me boring.”