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As finals loom, stu­dents may be looking forward to winter break as a chance to binge watch their favorite Netflix shows, sleep till noon every day, and take parents’ credit cards out for a swing. Rest is important, but it doesn’t mean “lazy” — and we shouldn’t lose sight of the chance the break gives us to be pro­ductive and to plan ahead.

Now is the time to plan for summer — a three-month stretch in which Hillsdale stu­dents like to keep busy and don’t leave much time to plan. Over summer break, the typical Hillsdale student will probably be spending his time interning on Capitol Hill, touring ruins with fellow col­le­giate scholars in Greece, or working 40 hours a week wait­ressing at a local restaurant. These activ­ities, while nour­ishing to your spirit and good for your future, are not con­ducive to true rest.

And they aren’t pos­sible without careful planning.

Rest isn’t doing nothing. It can be planning for tran­quility and adventure later, when you are too busy to think straight. You’ll be more at ease if you do.

Freshmen, sopho­mores, and juniors, now is the time to apply for summer jobs and intern­ships. Seniors — this is your chance to secure musings of a good job before your last semester of formal dances with friends, SAB events, and 20- page term papers.

Take advantage of the time you can spend with rel­a­tives and friends. Ask for advice about your future, and take their words to heart. Explore ideas while you have the time. Use your break wisely.

The opinion of The Col­legian edi­torial staff