The Sauk theatre will be fea­turing “A Christmas Story” this season. | Courtesy Sauk Theatre

The Sauk orig­i­nally planned to perform “Cheaper By the Dozen” for their December show, but when they unex­pectedly got the coveted rights to perform “A Christmas Story,” the pro­ducers quickly switched gears.

The show will debut in Jonesville at The Sauk’s “Pay What You Can Preview Night” on Thursday, December 6 at 8 p.m. “A Christmas Story” will con­tinue in the theater that weekend and the fol­lowing weekend, with shows at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Sat­urday, and 3 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets can be bought in advance at

Director Ron Boyle said he is excited for the per­for­mances, as he likes the play a lot better than the movie. 

“Its warm, its friendly, it makes you feel good, it just moves, moves, moves,” Boyle said.

The play is mostly com­prised of skits, and Boyle made sure that the per­for­mance would capture the details of the story with his­tor­i­cally-accurate cos­tumes and props, as well as lighting, sound, and even smoke effects.

From the youngest cast member to stage man­agers, everyone is working hard to capture the youthful essence of the story in every per­for­mance of the show. 

“I’ve told them this is going to be a work in progress until the Sunday we close,” Boyle said.

In regards to the work, Boyle said he loves working with the cast, half of whom are children, all around the actual ages of the char­acters they play. 

“I really felt everybody looked the part,” Boyle said, “I really liked the cast, I think they’re well-suited to their parts.”

The children said they are also very excited to perform. For some, it is their Sauk debut, including 11-year old Storm Tremblay, who will play Ralphie.

Tremblay said that he “loves how Ralphie really does not give up when he wants some­thing. Once he wants some­thing, he sticks his mind to it.” 

Mean­while, 10-year old Tyson Duff has fun por­traying the “sassy, mouthy, mamma’s boy” that is Flick, mainly because he gets to pretend to be a bully.

The cama­raderie among cast members and crew will be apparent in their per­for­mance of the endearing comedy. So I “triple-dog-dare you” to see “A Christmas Story” when it comes out this weekend.