Be prudent when reg­is­tering for spring semester.

After making it over the hill of midterms, it’s time to con­sider what courses to take for spring semester.

If you’re an under­classmen reg­is­tering, it’s important to not get caught up in the exciting prospect of elec­tives. Rather, take time to con­sider the effect of your choices on sub­se­quent semesters as well.

Our advice to you is this: Pri­or­itize the core before enter­taining pos­sible majors or exciting elec­tives. Cur­rently, Hillsdale College’s core cur­riculum demands roughly 50 credits.

You’ll feel much better taking a 300-level Medieval Phi­losophy course you’ve always wanted to take after you’ve already gotten a class like Logic and Rhetoric off your plate.

If you really want to add a three or four-credit elective, simply go talk to your potential pro­fessors about their workload. Most pro­fessors would be more than happy to explain the expec­ta­tions of their class to you, so that you don’t overload your schedule. If the class seems like the workload may weigh you down, save it for a later semester or opt to audit the class.

Make use of your resources. Check out a book from the library about the dis­ci­pline you’re curious about before spending a couple thousand dollars on a class that you may not like half-way through the semester. Be prudent when choosing classes. Your GPA, and your coffee budget, will thank you.