From left to right: Greg McLogan, Peter Jen­nings, Robbert Smith, Gene Denning, and Jeffrey Mackie. Col­legian | Stefan Kleinhenz

Although vet­erans come from dif­ferent branches of the United States mil­itary, they are united in their service under the American flag.

Three vet­erans were inducted into the Hillsdale County Vet­erans Hall of Fame in a cer­emony last Thursday, as the group gathered to honor vet­erans and special guests. Assistant Pro­fessor of Man­agement at Hillsdale College, Peter Jen­nings, was one of the three inducted into the hall of fame.

“I’m humbled and honored,” Jen­nings said. “It’s nice that they do this.”

Jen­nings served as a Major in the United States Marine Corps; a career of nearly 20 years including service in three major con­flicts. Jeffrey Mackie and Russell McLogan were also inducted alongside Jen­nings. Mackie served for 29 years in the U.S. Army and was part of five major con­flicts throughout his career, and he attained the rank of Master Sergeant. Private First Class McLogan served in the U.S. Army during World War II. McLogan passed away earlier this year, and his son received his cer­tificate on his behalf.

Michigan’s 58th dis­trict state rep­re­sen­tative Eric Leutheuser was in atten­dance.

“Knowing and hon­oring the past is the foun­dation of what we learn,” Leutheuser said. “Rec­og­nizing these everyday heroes is the least we can do.”

Gene Denning was this year’s guest of honor and The Hillsdale Exchange club was the recipient of the Service Orga­ni­zation of the Year Award.

Jeffery Rogers is the trea­surer of the Hillsdale County Vet­erans Hall of Fame, and the Asso­ciate Dean of Men at Hillsdale College. Rogers delivered the opening remarks of the cer­emony where he recited Johnny Cash’s “Ragged old flag.”

“We might be from dif­ferent branches,” Rogers said. “But our common bond is the symbol of the American flag.”  

Major General Robert Smith of the U.S. Army was the cer­emony guest speaker. Smith spoke of the 50 year anniversary of the Tet Offensive and his per­sonal expe­rience in Vietnam.

“We counted down the days until we got to go home,” Smith said.

He was the only one of nine men in his group to return home alive. Smith paid tribute those in Vietnam and all vet­erans.

“Remember and honor our vets,” Smith said. “Never let their actions be for­gotten.”

Smith also empha­sised the impor­tance of leaders today to follow in the foot­steps of our vet­erans.

“We need more men and women who aren’t afraid to take risks or go against popular opinion, we need leaders who aren’t afraid to admit when they’re wrong.” Smith said. “The world needs leaders who embody these types of lead­ership.”

The Hillsdale County Vet­erans Hall of Fame honors vet­erans every year in honor of Vet­erans Day.

“This Vet­erans day think about love,” Jen­nings said. “Think about what our vet­erans did out of love.”