Career Ser­vices can help stu­dents in their search for a job or internship. (Cre­ative Commons)


You may not know it, but internship appli­cation season is upon us. Com­panies are starting to take a look into who they will accept for the summer. Here are a few tips for getting yourself out in front of recruiters and in position for that job or internship you’ve been eyeing.

Student Affairs Mentors (SAMs) deal with the appli­cation process often, both in their own expe­rience and helping with others’ efforts.

“One tip: start now,” sophomore SAM Sam Swayze said. “Com­panies’ hiring seasons don’t happen when you think about it in Feb­ruary.”

Starting can mean more than just filling out a resume. According to Swayze, becoming familiar with your company of interest and reaching out to people in the orga­ni­zation can be an invaluable step.

“Try to get one person to contact inside the company before you send in your resume,” Swayze said. “This per­sonal con­nection will help your resume from getting lost in the black hole of internet appli­ca­tions.”

Net­working is the most important thing someone searching for a job or internship can do, said sophomore SAM Tess Ens. She says the one thing you don’t want to do is go into an appli­cation blind. The best way to avoid this is by using Hand­shake, a recruiting platform designed specif­i­cally for col­leges.

“LinkedIn, Indeed, and other sites are good, but they aren’t actively recruiting Hillsdale stu­dents,” Ens said. “Because com­panies have to apply to get into Hand­shake, Career Ser­vices has the contact infor­mation for recruiters at these com­panies, and they want Hillsdale stu­dents.”

Sophomore SAM Dennis Fassett also stressed the impor­tance of net­working in the search for a job or summer internship.

“Intro­duc­tions are important, and this is the value of Career Ser­vices,” he said. “After the intro­duction, it’s your turn to follow up and let the con­nection develop.”

While it’s now in your hands to make this thing happen, Ens said the help of SAMs doesn’t nec­es­sarily go away.

“Stop by Career Ser­vices even for help drafting the first email, per­fecting your resume, and interview tips for when the time comes,” she said.

Until that time comes, get started and get searching.