Carly Hubbard will be tran­si­tioning out of her role as manager and owner of Rough Draft. Courtesy | Archives

Rough Draft may be bidding farewell to its owner and current manager, but caf­feine and aes­thetic addicts have nothing to worry about as man­agement will be picked up by the qual­ified Rachel Solomito ’17.

Carly Hubbard ’16, the owner and current manager of Hillsdale’s beloved Rough Draft, is in the process of handing off the man­agement of her business to Solomito as Hubbard pre­pares to move to Cal­i­fornia.

Hubbard began the process of opening Rough Draft while fin­ishing her fifth year at Hillsdale College. After weighing several options, she ulti­mately decided to pursue the cre­ation of her very own business.

“I was too attracted to the oppor­tunity of cre­ating a space for the people of Hillsdale and the college stu­dents could hang out and get to know one another and enjoy some­thing beau­tiful and deli­cious, whether it be a coffee or beer or scone,” Hubbard said. “I think everybody deserves some­thing beau­tiful.”

Still a student herself when she began drawing up plans to open Rough Draft, Hubbard said she had the stu­dents of Hillsdale College on her mind while designing it.

“I wanted there to a space that was open a bit later than other places in town,” Hubbard said. “I was always up late studying as a student and had out-studied all the spots and would always fall asleep if I went home to my off-campus house.”

Hubbard accom­plished exactly what she set out to do, as Rough Draft is a popular des­ti­nation amongst Hillsdale’s stu­dents. Freshman Morgan Billingsley fre­quents Rough Draft often.

“I enjoy Rough Draft because it is warm and wel­coming, and pro­vides a great study space off campus,” Billingsley said. “Not to mention the coffee is great.”

While ulti­mately a rewarding and suc­cessful endeavor, Hubbard faced her fair share of chal­lenges starting her own business from the ground up as a recent college graduate.

“It was a long journey, it took way longer than I had antic­i­pated to open Rough Draft and there were so many more deci­sions to make and problems solved that I ever dreamt of when I started,” Hubbard said. “There was just so much to con­front when we were working on con­struction and codes and licenses and equipment and all of it was so new and foreign to me. I often felt over­whelmed and unqual­ified.”

After over­coming this initial set of hurdles, Hubbard was able to accom­plish what she set out to do: provide a bit of beauty and live­liness to the people of Hillsdale, all while having plenty of fun.

“My coworkers make it so fun and sweet to go to work and I love them all so incredibly dearly. I love cre­ating weird latte flavors and coming up with cock­tails and I love throwing parties and I think I love live music more than most people,” she said. “I love our slightly broken sink and how packed our back room is because I didn’t make it big enough.”

Lara Ryd ’18 began working at Rough Draft in June 2018, and has thor­oughly enjoyed her time there thus far.

“My favorite aspect about working at Rough Draft is the fact that I get to be a part of both the town com­munity and the college com­munity at the same time,” she said. “The team at Rough Draft is incredibly com­munity-ori­ented. It’s one of those places in Hillsdale that bridges the divide between the town and the college.”

As Hubbard gets ready to leave her beloved town and business, she is setting her eyes on the future.

“My plans are up in the air; that seems to be a trend in my job searches,” Hubbard said. “I am headed out to the Bay Area in Cal­i­fornia to try my hand at working in Oper­a­tions at a few sus­tainable start-ups that I greatly admire. I’m winging it like always and I can’t wait for the next adventure.”