Tech­nical Ser­vices Librarian Maurine McCourry will replace Library Director Dan Knoch as the director of Mossey Library at the end of the 2018 – 2019 school year. Maurine McCourry | Courtesy

Maurine McCourry, the tech­nical ser­vices librarian at the Alex Mossey Library, will be pro­moted to library director after the end of the 2018 – 2019 school year.

McCourry will replace Library Director Dan Knoch, who has worked at the library since 1976. McCourry has been working under Knoch at the library since 2000 in the same position that Knoch held before his pro­motion to director. Provost David Whalen said McCourry will lead the library effec­tively when she becomes director.

“McCourry is the perfect person to maintain all the strengths so evident in our library,” Whalen said. “She is also well suited to lead it as the college con­tinues to grow in aca­demic strength, develop its internal and external special pro­grams, ramp up archives and special col­lec­tions, and manage devel­op­ments in tech­nology. The library is critical in all these areas, and more.”

McCourry earned a master’s degree from the Uni­versity of Michigan and went on to earn her doc­torate at Dominican Uni­versity in 2014. Knoch said McCourry’s strong aca­demic back­ground is one of the things that sets her apart as a librarian.

“In terms of the things she’s going to add to the position, she’s going to be more scholarly and aca­demic. She’s already that way, and she’s com­pleted her Ph.D. and that’s really admirable,” Knoch said. “The ter­minal degree for a librarian is a master’s of library science, and she went beyond that, and she’s pub­lished and taught at the graduate level. I see that as a real strength that she brings.”

McCourry said she would miss some aspects of her old job, but she is excited about the prospect of facing new chal­lenges as library director. One of those chal­lenges will be over­seeing the planned addition of a special col­lection area to the library and a ren­o­vation of the interior.

“It’s obvious to everyone that we need a ren­o­vation and we need an archive space,” she said. “So I antic­ipate, hope­fully, super­vising that project at some point.”

Knoch’s presence will cer­tainly be felt in Mossey Library long after his retirement, where he has worked since 1976. Whalen said the very per­son­ality of the library has been shaped by his leadership.

“Knoch’s long history of excellent service has endowed the library with some­thing of his own char­acter,” Dr. Whalen said. “The library is a place where learning thrives in an atmos­phere of steadiness, calm strength, humane goodwill, and quiet pre­cision. Knoch has given deeply of himself and the library shows it.”

One of McCourry’s new respon­si­bil­ities as library director will be the admin­is­tration and  man­agement of library per­sonnel. She said she has enjoyed working under the flexible man­agement system that Knoch uses, and will try to imitate his style in her new position.

“Knoch really lets all of us do what we are best at, and lets people find their own talents and skills and kind of work with those. So he allows us to choose our own projects and our own paths and if somebody is better at one thing, someone else can do a project that they are better at,” Dr. McCourry said. “He’s just a nice guy, and everyone likes to work with him, and I hope I can emulate that.”