City Hall COLLEGIAN | (Photo: Wiki­media)

Katy Price was sworn in by the Hillsdale City Council to the position of interim city clerk fol­lowing the res­ig­nation of former City Clerk Stephen French at the Nov. 19 City Council meeting.

Price held the position of city assessor and was unan­i­mously appointed by the council to fill in the position until a city clerk is found.

French sub­mitted his letter of res­ig­nation just a few days after the Nov. 6 general election, which then took effect imme­di­ately.

At the meeting, the council dis­puted the reasons behind his res­ig­nation after Greg Stuchell, the council member from Ward 1, alleged that French’s res­ig­nation “wasn’t given vol­un­tarily.”

Mayor Adam Stockford replied at the meeting that while French’s res­ig­nation was vol­untary, “Yes, he was pres­sured to resign by me.”

Stockford said he informed French that he had the right to come before the council before his ter­mi­nation as stated in the city charter, but French instead decided to resign.

French was recently in the news for accepting the paperwork of Peter Jen­nings for the Ward 1 Council seat election, even though Jen­nings had not met the city charter’s dura­tional res­i­dency requirement.

French received a sev­erance package of two weeks plus his unspent vacation days, which comes to about 30 days of salary, according to Mackie.

As the new clerk, Price is tasked with over­seeing an election recount filed by Dennis Wain­scott, another can­didate for Ward 1, who received fewer votes than Jen­nings despite his inel­i­gi­bility.

As mayor, Stockford will appoint a new clerk to be con­firmed by council vote.

“As far as the interview process goes, any council-member is welcome to play a part in that,” Stockford said. “The more involvement the better.”

The council approved a request by Stockford to begin adver­tising for the city clerk position. Price will serve in the interim position until an appointment is con­firmed.