Jonesville and Hillsdale change waste man­agement ser­vices. Courtesy | Wiki­media

Both the cities of Jonesville and Hillsdale will be switching their waste man­agement ser­vices from Republic Waste Man­agement to Modern Waste in the coming year. City council members approved the change at each city’s most recent council meeting.

“It was prompted based largely on price,” said Mayor of Hillsdale Adam Stockford in an email. “It’s our job at the city to re-evaluate our con­tracted ser­vices every so often to get the best bargain and service for our res­i­dents, and our public ser­vices com­mittee and city staff in public ser­vices deter­mined it was time to make a switch.”

Both Republic and Modern Waste gave bids to the city.

“Long and short of it, the city has been running on a month-to-month con­tract for a while and we were hoping to find a better deal with a long-term (five year) con­tract so we put it out to bid,” said Hillsdale City Coun­cilman Matt Bell in an email. “Republic and Modern Waste pro­vided bids, and Modern came out on top.”

The switch will save Hillsdale res­i­dents $4 a month if they opt into both recy­cling and trash pickup, according to Jake Hammel, director of Hillsdale Public Ser­vices. The switch will also save the City of Hillsdale around $17,000 by having Modern Waste handle downtown trash pick up, instead of department of public service staff do it.

“They will also be paying the city higher rent on the waste transfer station — which is city owned — and higher roy­alties on each ton of trash which comes through the station,” said Bill Zeiser, Hillsdale city coun­cilman.

Jonesville res­i­dents will be saving 67 cents a month if they opt into both recy­cling and trash, although Republic’s bid for the new con­tract was over $7 more expensive per month than the current price.

Modern Waste will also provide 96-gallon carts for trash and recy­cling, Zeiser said. The carts will be pro­vided for both Hillsdale and Jonesville.

“We had a very pos­itive, long-standing rela­tionship with Republic, so this was a dif­ficult decision,” said Jeff Gray, City Manager for Jonesville. Jonesville’s con­tract with Republic lasted five years.

Both cities antic­ipate com­pleting the switch to Modern Waste by early 2019.

“Republic has been good in helping us begin to make the switch,” Bell said. “It was a simple business decision, and we look forward to working with Modern.”