Jordan Hintz, Matt Grun­zweig, Brandon Korhonen, Kylar Kuzio, and Amanda Klug (Austin Gergens | Courtesy)

The Hillsdale shotgun team com­peted in a public sporting clays com­pe­tition in Lake Orion, Michigan, at the Bald Mountain Shooting Range on Sat­urday. The team com­peted with 94 other entrants in snowy con­di­tions.

Senior Matthew Grun­zweig got the highest overall score of the com­pe­tition, with 96 out of 100 clays broken. Senior Emanuel Boyer scored second in the B class cat­egory, and senior Amanda Klug won the highest overall score for women and first place in the D class. 

“Staying con­sistent takes a lot of mental toughness, and most impor­tantly, a pos­itive attitude,” Grun­zweig said.  

As the fall passes by and winter approaches, the team has been facing colder com­pe­ti­tions each week.  

“The cold was the hardest part of the shoot for me,” freshman Anthony LaMacchia said. “There wasn’t harsh wind or falling snow, but you still had to really layer up.”  

Grun­zweig was impressed with how the team did con­sid­ering the winter weather. 

“It’s always good to get expe­rience going to away com­pe­ti­tions,” assistant coach Jordan Hintz said. “The course was the right level of dif­fi­culty for what we’ll see at nationals.” 

The Bald Mountain shoot was the last com­pe­tition for the team in its fall season.  

“We don’t require team members to shoot in the off­season, but they are strongly encouraged to,” Hintz said. “It’s also rec­om­mended to do eye training exer­cises, stay phys­i­cally active, and work on your mental game.” 

The break from the routine shoots and weight room workouts offers the team a chance to reflect on areas to improve going into the spring semester. 

“My goal is to keep shooting over break, even if it’s only 100 targets a week,” LaMacchia said. “I’m also going to focus on the basics and get my gun mount to where it used to be.” 

Klug said public shoots like these are a fun way to stay in practice.

 “I could have def­i­nitely done better at Bald Mountain but I didn’t do my pre-shot routine or shot analysis,” Klug said. “That’s what happens when you get into these shoots and are having fun.” 

The Chargers start prac­tices again in January and will con­tinue to work toward improving until the Nationals com­pe­tition in Texas, where the team has won five years in a row.

“Wrapping up the fall season of my senior year is most cer­tainly bit­ter­sweet,” said Grun­zweig. “But I’m excited to help Hillsdale bring home another national cham­pi­onship.”