Senior Rosemary Pynes plays sports with children in the com­munity as part of Hills­dale’s GOAL program. Facebook

The Hillsdale College GOAL Program is in the process of hiring new program leaders for Adopt-a-Grand­parent, Com­munity Sports Out­reach, and Private and Charter School Tutoring.

GOAL Director Lucille Townley said appli­ca­tions for the posi­tions have already closed, and the interview process has begun.

According to GOAL Adviser and Director of Student Activ­ities Ashlyn Landherr, there are two appli­cants for the Adopt-a-Grand­parent Program, five appli­cants for Com­munity Sports Out­reach, and six appli­cants for Private and Charter School tutoring.

“Being a vol­unteer takes one sort of skill set and interest, but being a leader is a little bit dif­ferent,” Landherr said. “We look for if the appli­cants are going to just maintain a program or if they’re going to take ini­tiative and invest in it to grow and make it bigger.”

Townley said a panel com­mittee of stu­dents and faculty are cur­rently con­ducting inter­views. This panel includes herself, Landherr, GOAL Coor­di­nator Michaela Peine, Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jeffery Rogers, Asso­ciate Dean of Women Rebekah Dell, and Director of Financial Aid Richard Moeggenberg.

“The hiring com­mittee looks for appli­cants in good aca­demic standing, with a strong com­mitment to com­munity service and pre­vious lead­ership expe­rience,” Townley said. “No pre­vious GOAL vol­un­teering expe­rience is nec­essary, however, it is def­i­nitely a strong addition to an appli­cation.”

According to Townley, the new leaders for Private and Charter School Tutoring and Adopt-a-Grand­parent will take over at the beginning of the spring semester. She said the new leader for Com­munity Sports Out­reach will train with Car­oline Andrews, the current leader, through the spring semester and take over at the beginning of the fall 2019 semester.

Andrews said she became inter­ested in vol­un­teering with a youth sports program because she grew up playing many sports, such as junior PGA golf, recre­ational bas­ketball, and pickup hockey with her brothers.

“I am deeply con­vinced that ath­letics are critical for the devel­opment of kids,” she said. “Many of the most fun­da­mental and important life lessons of my childhood came through expe­ri­ences I had both on and off the course, court, and rink.”

Andrews became involved with this program her freshman year through coaching bas­ketball at Davis Middle School.

“It was by far the high­light of my entire year, and this is now my fourth year coaching a team of girls,” Andrews said. “Vol­un­teering and starting to spend time with the kids inspired me to apply for lead­ership of the program, as I wanted to con­tinue to pour love into them in an even bigger way.”

Senior Haley Hauprich, the current leader of Private and Charter School Tutoring, said she ini­tially took this position because she hopes to be a teacher.

“I thought this program would give me great expe­rience for teaching,” Hauprich said. “I had also vol­un­teered with it before and loved getting to help out some kids that really needed and appre­ciated what we do.”

Hauprich said she encourages stu­dents to vol­unteer in any of the GOAL pro­grams.

“You’re never too busy to vol­unteer,” Hauprich said. “Any amount of time you can give will be valuable for whoever you help, and also for you, too.”

Senior Rachel Lozowski, current leader of the Adopt-a-Grand­parent Program, said she has been vol­un­teering at the Hillsdale Medical Care Facility since her freshman year.

“I have really enjoyed vis­iting the res­i­dents and getting to know all of them, and many of them really have become like my grand­parents,” Lozowski said. “I always love to see the joy on their faces when I walk into their room to give them a visit or smile and give them a greeting.”

Both Townley and Landherr said the inter­viewing process is always a great oppor­tunity for stu­dents to become leaders.

“The process of hiring new GOAL leaders is always an uplifting expe­rience as we get to talk to stu­dents about their passion for serving the com­munity,” Townley said.