Hillsdale will offer a small business seminar over winter break, cov­ering a variety of topics including finances and eco­nomics. Pexels

Hillsdale College is holding a seminar over winter break, “How to Start and Manage a Small Business.” The three-credit course includes sec­tions on finance, mar­keting, man­agement, human resources, and business and tax law.

The seminar runs from Dec. 17 to 21 from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day, pro­viding two meals and several breaks throughout the day. The course, which costs $999, aims to teach future business owners the­ories, con­cepts, problem analysis tech­niques, and com­mu­ni­cation skills to help small busi­nesses.

In the first half of each day, stu­dents will par­tic­ipate in lec­tures and class dis­cus­sions on each of the five topics while taking notes and com­pleting assign­ments. During the second half of each class, stu­dents will inde­pen­dently research the business idea and begin putting together a plan to submit at the end of the class. Over winter break, the student is expected to spend at least 20 more hours con­ducting addi­tional research and refining the business plan to be pre­sented in January.

Reg­istrar Douglas McArthur said the college has offered these sem­inars longer than he can remember. The seminar needs at least 14 stu­dents to sign up in order to offer the course. The final day to reg­ister is Monday, Dec. 3.

According to Susan King, pro­fessor of mar­keting and director of the seminar, $999 for this three-credit course is a great deal.

“The seminar is par­tially funded by a gen­erous donation,” she wrote in an email. “The remaining funding comes from a reduced tuition cost.”

King said she believes the structure of the course offers a great oppor­tunity for stu­dents. “The intensive nature of the course allows stu­dents to focus solely on preparing a pre­lim­inary business devel­opment plan suitable for seeking financial support,” she wrote.

Each topic is taught on a dif­ferent day and by a dif­ferent pro­fessor. Douglas McArthur plans to teach the human resources section with Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Psy­chology Kari McArthur. Both have a back­ground in human resources.

Douglas McArthur said he was excited to teach a part of the seminar. “The general feeling about these sem­inars is pos­itive,” he said. “Student feedback says that they think it’s been really helpful.”