Allie Dewire is a senior from Toledo, Ohio. She is studying Spanish and Finance at Hillsdale and is the starting point guard on the women’s bas­ketball team.

Why did you choose Hillsdale?

I was more sold on Hillsdale more for the ath­letics. When I came and visited though, I really liked it and saw good stuff here that I can see potential for. But now as a senior looking back, if I could make the same decision with the knowledge I have now, it would be a no-brainer. That’s the way I justify my decision now. It’s really cool to learn what the liberal arts really stand for, because before I had an idea of it. Throughout my career, I developed my appre­ci­ation for it. I started with just basic under­standing of the liberal arts. But as I’ve taken Western Her­itage, American Her­itage, and Con­sti­tution, the core classes have given me a greater respect and I think it’s really cool learning what we do. My sister goes to Toledo and she’ll tell me stuff that she learns but it’s not like the core founding prin­ciples we learn here at Hillsdale. It’s really cool to see it applied in my other classes, like Spanish and my other classes.


Why did you choose bas­ketball at Hillsdale?
Bas­ketball more so chose me. I wasn’t going to college to play a sport. I wasn’t going to go to Hillsdale. I was going to go to Ohio State and just be a student there and maybe ball out in the intra­mural leagues. But the end of my senior year in high school one of my bas­ketball team­mates from school asked me to play on her Amateur Ath­letic Union team for a weekend tour­nament. The old coach here saw me and said, “Hey, you should come to Hillsdale.” I told him “I’m good, I’m going to go to Ohio State”. He was very per­sistent and I told him I would visit, hang out with my mom for a day. He showed me campus and I really liked it, which I did not expect to because I planned on going to a big school. I love the Ohio State Buckeyes and I was so bought in on that. He kept asking me to come play bas­ketball and offered me a spot on the team and thought “I’ll try it, why not.”


What’s it like to be a senior on the team?
It def­i­nitely feels like you’ve worked for this moment to build up for this year — you’ve done so much. The past three years of playing and now it hits you, it becomes more of a prevalent idea that this is your last year, so you just want to make the most out of it. You want to leave every­thing on the court, which is usually your men­tality, but now it’s more intention about truly leaving every­thing on the court. It’s kind of cool too because I have a lot of expe­ri­ences, some really good some not so good, so I feel like I can be a good leader and relate to my team­mates when they’re going through their ups and downs. I feel like I’ve expe­ri­enced enough where I can kind of be a guide for them and help them out, so that’s really cool. I feel helpful and that I can help my team.


How has it been leading the freshmen?

Hon­estly, they’ve been doing great. Our team is amazing; we have such a close family and the freshmen have been quick learning. They ask us every now and then and I’ll offer my help, and they’ll reach out when they need it. They’re very smart and have every­thing together. It’s very special to be on this team. I’ve been on a lot of teams from all those sports in high school. I don’t know if it’s my affinity to bas­ketball, but some­thing about my bas­ketball team — in college and in high school — those have been the best teams I’ve been a part of. My college bas­ketball team is by far greater than my high school expe­rience. Maybe because I know more or maybe it’s because I’ve expe­ri­enced more, but they’re so great and I just love my team.


Did you look up to any upper­classmen while playing here?

Becca Scherting. She was a junior while I was a freshman and she also played point guard. Becca is very spunky and such a char­acter. I was drawn to her right away. I just thought she was so cool and extremely good at bas­ketball. I would always watch her play in bas­ketball and try to emulate her every move. She def­i­nitely added a lot to my game. Just watching her and seeing the con­fi­dence she has, she’s kind of who I strive to be like as a senior now for the under­classmen. She was always open to help out, always open if you wanted to ask her a question, and it didn’t feel silly. You just felt very com­fortable, so I try to make others feel the way she made me feel when I was a freshman.


Com­piled by Danielle Lee