A deer broke into the Dow Hotel and Con­ference Center early Wednesday morning. Aaron Tracey | Courtesy

When Scot Bertram, the general manager of Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM, came into work on Wednesday morning, he was greeted by three men dragging some­thing heavy out of the doors of Dow Hotel and Con­ference Center. He spotted limbs on what he orig­i­nally thought was a large piece of luggage, and as he parked his car a deer, wrapped in a red curtain moments before, bounded into the woods.

As he entered the building, Bertram saw the trail of blood leading down the hall. On the window was a smear of red. The window next to it was shat­tered.  Bertram com­pared the scene, with its con­struction plastic and spat­tered blood, to a scene from “American Psycho.”

“Saying it’s all over the place is a bit of an over­statement,” Bertram said. “But it was in a lot of places.”

Shortly before 8 a.m. four members of Pi Beta Phi were cutting through the Dow Hotel to get to class when they saw a four-point buck crash through a window and into the under-con­struction area of Dow for­merly known as the Weigand Com­puter Lab.

This is not the first time a deer has broken into a campus building. In 2012, a deer broke through a ground-floor window in Nied­feldt Res­i­dence, which was a women’s dorm at the time.

“He looked really dis­ori­ented,” said senior Faith Witkowski. “I was freaked out, just because it was so pow­erful. If a deer charges you, what are you going to do? You can’t punch a deer.”

Members of campus security and main­te­nance were able to wrap the buck in a red curtain and use it to calm it down and remove it from the building.

“Our spec­u­lation is that because it’s mating season, it saw its reflection [and attacked it],” said Bill Whorley, director of campus security.

The three men were able to drag the deer by its antlers and release it. Although it sus­tained some injuries, it ran off into the woods, Whorley said.

“Thank­fully, there were no guests around,” said Aaron Tracey, director of hos­pi­tality oper­a­tions at the Dow Hotel. “I think it’s quite funny that it hap­pened on Hal­loween.”

Tracey said the broken window had already been replaced and the blood cleaned up.

“It was pretty short and sweet,” Whorley said.