With the relentless news cycle and single-minded media cov­erage of the past few weeks, it’s easy to be absorbed by one story. It happens to the best of us. But to be well-rounded stu­dents, it’s important to keep our heads above the news cycle and gain per­spective.

While the world focused on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s sus­pended con­fir­mation, several key events went unno­ticed and untouched: Pres­ident Donald Trump’s North American Free Trade Agreement re-nego­ti­ation faded out of public interest quickly; an Indonesian tsunami last week has left more than 350,000 without running water or elec­tricity; and Michigan’s Attorney General opened an inves­ti­gation into the state’s Catholic diocese. These might seem unim­portant com­pared to the Kavanaugh hearings, but each has the potential to directly affect stu­dents’ eco­nomic and social well-being.

Of course, the ongoing Kavanaugh con­tro­versy is rel­evant, important, and worth­while. But we can’t allow our­selves to get sucked into “the one big thing.” To be informed stu­dents and cit­izens, it’s important to filter out the noise.

Take time this week to step away from the media