When it comes to campus amenities, stu­dents can easily adopt an entitled, “It’s-my-world-and-you’re-just-living-in-it” attitude, without even real­izing it. But the college’s purpose is to prepare stu­dents for life, and at no point during our lives will all things align for our con­ve­nience. Often, the best things — most beau­tiful things — take time and drag us through an uncom­fortable process before we reap the ben­efits. One of these things is our edu­cation, and another, lit­erally looming over us right now, is the chapel.

Stop com­plaining about the chapel. Yes, the one that’s cov­ering the quad, along with wire fences, con­struction machinery, and over­grown weeds. College is short, and it should be. The cur­riculum and pro­fessors teach us to think big, and to think about the long term. How we view the college should be no exception: The school exists, not only for past and present stu­dents, but also for stu­dents to come. Past stu­dents suf­fered the con­struction process of the Grewcock Student Union, Lane and Kendall halls, and the Howard Music Hall, just to name a few. We benefit from these addi­tions to campus. It would have been unfair to us, who were once “future stu­dents,” if the admin­is­tration did not con­struct these needed buildings simply to please the stu­dents at the time. If they were like us, they too pre­ferred clean quads without con­struction.

As we pursue careers and rela­tion­ships after college, we will be faced with countless incon­ve­niences that we must choose to deal with, either with petu­lance and short-sight­edness, or maturity and per­spective. Time is a gift, both here and wherever we go after. Treat it with more grat­itude and less enti­tlement.

  • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

    Change is the one con­stant in this world, get used to it.

    I can’t wait to see the new Chapel when it’s fin­ished!

    • Camus53

      Yup…no doubt you’ll surely enjoy vis­iting the chapel/ palace, to the gods of money, power and hubris. Maybe you can even see if Hillsdale will accept you as a student. You can even apply for the Rush Lim­baugh schol­arship.

      • Jen­nifer Melfi

        comment of the day! hilarious.

  • Arnold Palmer

    My senior year at Hdale was spent attending class in the now absent Kresge building. It’s hard to forget our 400 level Econ class and the moment 120 gallons of gray water col­lected upon the ceiling tiles above finally gave way over the front row. Or, the enter­tainment of scratching love mis­sives in a nearby wall of mold that had been creaping up out of the carpet all spring. I always sup­posed the mold was addicted to the nicotine stains, mold is bad, and so it must be addicted.

    And we sur­vived, occa­sionally bathed, and had a won­derful college expe­rience.

  • Jen­nifer Melfi

    I think that everyone — stu­dents, faculty, alumni, should bitch more about this chapel. It’s a HUGELY expensive eyesore, ded­i­cated to the worship of Jeebus in name only, when it is really there to draw attention to the ridiculous college emperor who sits on his throne in the central hall.

    The stu­dents should com­plain about this as much as they can — they only get to be in college for 4 years, and if this thing that nobody asked for is ruining their walks they should be upset about it. They are paying a lot of money for the right to not have a quad and have loud con­struction noises while they are trying to go to class.