The Fed­er­alist Society is hosting Amy Wax, a pro­fessor of law at the Uni­versity of Penn­syl­vania, to speak on “The Perils of a Push for Equal Results.” Nolan Ryan | Col­legian

Amy Wax, a Robert Mundheim pro­fessor of law at the Uni­versity of Penn­syl­vania, will give a lecture titled “The Perils of a Push for Equal Rights.”

The event, hosted by the Hillsdale College Fed­er­alist Society, will take place today at 12 p.m. in Lane 124. Subway will cater the event.

“The Fed­er­alist Society is ded­i­cated to bringing the brightest legal minds to campus in order to encourage dis­cussion about important topics,” said senior Anna Perry, pres­ident of the Fed­er­alist Society. “Pro­fessor Amy Wax is one such mind.”

Wax was invited because she is a “bold, out­spoken” con­ser­v­ative legal pro­fessor, senior Taegan James, the club’s sec­retary, said in an online message.

“Much of what she has to say about law and justice aligns with what we believe to be true at Hillsdale College,” she said.

Perry also noted Wax’s expertise with a wide variety of issues.

“Wax has done extensive work in social welfare policy on topics related to des­perate income theory and group demo­graphics, rational choice and family structure, and same-sex mar­riage, in addition to arguing 15 cases in front of the Supreme Court,” Perry said.

Wax, who earned her bachelor’s’ degree from Yale Uni­versity, her  from Harvard Uni­versity Medical School, and her J.D. from Columbia Uni­versity School of Law, is an expert in civil pro­cedure, law and eco­nomics, social welfare law and policy, and family law.

Perry believes Wax can help stu­dents learn how to handle pol­itics in the real world. “She has coura­geously handled the backlash over her divisive, and polit­i­cally incorrect views and we believe that Hillsdale stu­dents could learn from her unique insight,” she said.