This Friday, Student Activ­ities Board will host the Lumber Games, an event fea­turing lum­berjack-themed activ­ities and autumn treats. Nolan Ryan | Col­legian

With hatchet tossing, pumpkin launching, and flannel galore, the Student Activ­ities Board is hosting the Lumber Games in Hayden Park this Friday, Oct. 26.

“The Lumber Games is some­thing to cater to a dif­ferent crowd on Hillsdale’s campus that doesn’t nor­mally par­tic­ipate in SAB events,” said Assistant Director of Student Activ­ities Alex Whitford ’18.

The Lumber Games are lum­berjack-inspired car­nival games designed to kindle a com­pet­itive spirit in anyone who wants to par­tic­ipate in feats of strength, as well as sup­plying fun arcade games for anyone who just wants to have fun. According to Whitford, some of the more com­pet­itive events include a log toss, hatchet throwing, pumpkin cat­a­pulting.

Ashlyn Landherr ’16, director of SAB, described the Lumber Games as a SAB event “designed for the com­pet­itive to be com­pet­itive.”

Stu­dents will have the oppor­tunity to compete for a grand prize by com­pleting a checklist of events, and Whitford and Landherr hope to fos­tering good-natured com­pe­tition among Hillsdale stu­dents.

Dorms will have the oppor­tunity to share in the Lumber Games in a dorm-wide tug-of-war. Along with the com­pe­ti­tions, Whitford and Landherr said corndogs, beer, and either hot chocolate or hot cider will be pro­vided throughout the event.

The SAB office said they are very excited to host the Lumber Games and invite everyone to come out in their favorite flannel and beanies and enjoy the fall fes­tiv­ities.