Penny’s General Manager Emily Barnum ’18 and Assistant Dean of Women Rebekah Dell in Penny’s coffee shop.
Carmel Kookogey | Col­legian

Penny’s coffee shop, which opened earlier this semester, will be hosting a campus-wide painting contest tonight.

Student Activ­ities Board and Penny’s have part­nered to host “Penny’s and Painting” on Thursday, Oct. 11 in the New Dorm from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Free coffee will be available and the winner of the contest will receive a voucher for a free drink. The winner’s artwork will be dis­played in the coffee shop for a week.

Junior John Ball, a member of SAB’s cre­ative team, orig­i­nally had the idea for the event.

“We were thinking by making an event with Penny’s we could not only make a fun event for campus, but also boost awareness for Penny’s,” he said.

When Ball approached Penny’s on behalf of SAB, sophomore Car­oline Hen­nekes, the cre­ative manager at Penny’s, was pleased to be able to host an event.

“We’ve been wanting to do an event to get more people out,” she said. It will be really relaxing at this time of the semester to have some time to exercise the cre­ative part of your brain and a time of com­munity to enjoy.”

Penny’s man­agement hopes the event will increase traffic as well as induce more stu­dents to visit the new space.

“Once they come into our space, they come back,” General Manager Emily Barnum said. “We already have some reg­ulars. It will be cool to expose people who haven’t been exposed yet to our product and our vibe.”

Ball noted that the com­bi­nation of coffee and painting would create the intended atmos­phere for the event.

“I thought it would be a great event to pair with coffee,” Ball said. “Coffee boosts cre­ative energy. Painting is a relaxed way to have a nice, cre­ative atmos­phere.”

Hen­nekes hopes the event will further Penny’s mission statement.

“Our whole heart behind it is con­necting com­munity and building it,” Hen­nekes said. “Having an event is another way we’re trying to do that.”