Nate Williams serves up drinks at Penny’s. (Danielle Lee/Collegian)


Why did you want to work for Penny’s?

I wanted to work with people I like. My friends are the man­agers there, and it was a job.

How often do you work there?

I work about four times a week, in the afternoon or evening.

What is your favorite drink?

I really like our oat milk. I’ve never had oat milk before and it doesn’t taste like oat milk. But it does taste like oats. It’s really good, would rec­ommend it.

How has it been working at Penny’s so far?

It’s been great. It’s so nice and it’s a very clean envi­ronment. I always come out feeling better about myself.

What are your favorite things about working for Penny’s?

Alyssa Viola and I came up with this cool thing where we get very spe­cific with what the cus­tomers want, like extra foamy, extra oaty, exact mea­surement with the chai. Our cus­tomers really appre­ciate that, they feel like they have more control over what they’re getting. I also enjoy the two minute con­ver­sation with people as I make their drinks and trying to come up with new drink ideas. The aprons look pretty sharp. The afternoon times are great too. We’re getting a lot of people then, so I’m just glad to serve them.

What would you rec­ommend people to try?

The loose leaf tea. One of the biggest dif­fer­ences is we don’t have the package tea. We actually get tea in bulk and put it in little bag our­selves. It’s really high quality tea and a great option in the evening if you don’t want coffee. I’ve tried it, my favorite is the ginger peach. It’s so good.

What would you change or add to Penny’s?

I wish we were able to serve food as well as drinks, but that would require more health inspec­tions and a lot more work. As to adding to the menu, I want Penny’s to serve sparkling water, like La Croix. I think a lot of people would order it and it’s cur­rently offered nowhere on campus.

What is some­thing you want Penny’s cus­tomers to know?

Let your Penny’s Barista know what times are good. We want to do more afternoon hours now, less morning ones. Tell us what you want and we will provide it. We are a very accom­mo­dating coffee bar.

What do you predict for Penny’s outcome in the future?

I think it’ll be a really nice place for ath­letes and non-ath­letes. We get a lot of track and cross-country people that I’ve become friends with, which is cool. It’ll be a classy AJ’s and I hope it stays open in the future.