Hills­dale’s Central Hall (Courtesy)

Chemistry’s place in the liberal arts took center stage when Hillsdale hosted the 66th annual Mid­western Asso­ci­ation of Chem­istry Teachers in Liberal Arts Col­leges con­ference over fall break.

This was the first time Hillsdale hosted the con­ference. Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Chem­istry Matthew Young said the topic fit well with Hillsdale’s mission.

“In the devel­opment of our chem­istry core course, we’ve given a lot of thought to making the course rich in his­torical context and making it about important, big ideas rather than just con­sumer chem­istry,” he said. “We wanted to share some of that with col­leagues at other insti­tu­tions.”

The con­ference fea­tured keynote lec­tures from pro­fessor of chem­istry at Westmont College Nivaldo Tro and from director of chemical sci­ences at Uni­versity of Michigan Brian Coppola, both focusing on how to teach ethics in the hard sci­ences. Hillsdale chem­istry pro­fessors also spoke, sharing their expe­rience with other college chem­istry depart­ments.

The event con­cluded with a pre­sen­tation from Pro­fessor of Chem­istry Chris Hamilton on the science of brewing beer.

“Thanks to the hard work of everyone on the chem­istry faculty, the con­ference was a great success,” Young said.