Ren­o­va­tions to Gal­loway Res­i­dence are set to be fin­ished in December, and stu­dents will be returning to living there next fall. Nolan Ryan | Col­legian

Gal­loway Res­i­dence will reveal its brand new face next semester after only seven months of con­struction.

Although it will not house stu­dents until next fall, the dorm will be com­pletely fin­ished by December. The new building will feature small study nooks, large gath­ering spaces, a new kitchen, and new plumbing.

Built in 1949, Gal­loway was Hillsdale’s oldest unren­o­vated dorm. Until this year, it had walls with peeling paint, no air con­di­tioning, and unre­liable plumbing. Now, Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Richard Péwé says that it will not only feature four extra beds, but it will be up to the quality of Simpson and McIntyre Res­i­dences. Péwé said he was most excited to be bringing Gal­loway up to modern stan­dards and uni­fying the sep­a­rated spaces of the dorm.

“I think that the idea of having this fluid com­munity space where you can see and be seen is going to be exciting for the res­i­dents,” Péwé said. “It is a unique dorm; the rooms are not all the same, so we tried to make sure each floor had com­munity space and study space.”

Whitley Res­ident Assistant Christian Betts, a junior, plans on returning to Gal­loway next year. He and some of his fellow former Gal­loway res­i­dents claim to have known about the plans for the interior of their new dorm since the beginning of the semester.

Betts is most excited for the new outdoor amenities, which includes a fire pit. He said it will add to Galloway’s weekly Feast, a tra­dition in which the men of Gal­loway grill meat every Thursday night, accom­panied by an eclectic mix of music from Johnny Cash to Taylor Swift.

“I think that it is going to be a great improvement to Feast,” Betts said. “We have always wanted a firepit, and last year, we were trying to raise funds to buy one and try to get per­mission to burn it on the lawn. And now we will have one. It seems like it will be a fun addition.”

Junior Ethan Visser, a former Gal­loway RA, who is cur­rently an RA at Park Place, a college-owned house, said he is eager to return to his home of two years as an RA his senior year. In the meantime, however, he is working with the con­struction team to get the dorm ready for its res­i­dents come Fall semester.

“Josiah Leinbach emailed all the former Gal­loway guys and he said it would be like Nehemiah returning to build the walls of Jerusalem,” Ethan said. “I wanted to help build because I thought it would be cool to help build the place I am probably going to live next year, also its a nice break from the books.”