Sophomore Jessica Wong paints a pumpkin at last year’s Fall Fes­tival. Facebook

Stu­dents can bring their fam­ilies during Parents Weekend to a autumn party this Friday.

The Student Activ­ities Board will be hosting Fall Fest on the quad behind Central Hall from 3 to 7 p.m. on Oct. 12. It will feature autumn-themed games and activ­ities, as well as sea­sonal food for stu­dents, faculty, and fam­ilies to enjoy.

Claire Lupini, a sophomore on SAB staff, said they plan on having a more rustic, com­fortable theme for the occasion, com­pared to pre­vious years.

“It’ll be a lot less orange and more rep­re­sen­tative of the fall season. There’ll be more white dec­o­ra­tions, candles, and bistro lights to make it more intimate,” she said. “We want people to show up and interact with each other because it’ll be a good way to build com­munity.”

Alex Whitford, assistant director of SAB, said this event will be a great oppor­tunity for the campus to engage in tra­di­tional, fall activ­ities that people all love at home.

“We have a lot of dif­ferent com­po­nents for the student body to enjoy. It’s a more relaxed atmos­phere and people can stay as long as they want,” Whitford said.

While some activ­ities are still being planned, the event will be catered by Bon Appetit. They’ll have tra­di­tional fall food such as apple fritters, apple cider, and bratwurst.

Whitford said she is excited about SAB hosting one of the last outdoor events for the semester.

“I’m excited to enjoy the fall weather, some good food and music and seeing the student body coming out to enjoy this fun Friday activity,” she said.

SAB hosted this event during Parent’s Weekend last year. Because they had a suc­cessful turnout at last year’s fall fest, they decided to do it during Parent’s Weekend again this year.

“This is an oppor­tunity for parents to do a fun, family activity and for stu­dents to show their parents more of the social side,” Whitford.

Lupini said the event not only wel­comes stu­dents and their fam­ilies, but also faculty and their fam­ilies, hoping that they’ll all par­tic­ipate in the fun activ­ities.

“It’s a small event, not too over­whelming nor extrav­agant,” Lupini said. “I hope people take advantage of the pumpkin painting and carving. It’ll be really inter­esting to see what people do.”