(Corrine Prost | Courtesy)

The Hillsdale Chargers came away from their second tour­nament of the semester with more expe­rience under their belt. At the NWO Invi­ta­tional in Lima, Ohio, Hillsdale played plenty of matches, yielding pos­itive results.

Leading up to the tour­nament, one of the four teams dropped out, which forced the remaining three teams to figure out what to do on the day of the scheduled event. Despite the uncer­tainty of the tour­nament format, Hillsdale, Tippin Uni­versity, and Uni­versity of Northern Ohio were able to get in a weekend’s worth of singles and doubles matchplay in Lima. 

“We played a lot of matches and got nice results, but there wasn’t a ‘tour­nament winner’ of sorts,” coach Nikki Wal­bright said.

Rather, says freshman Sophia Spinazze, the Chargers worked on their match men­tality and enjoyed being with their team­mates.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said. “I was so excited to play for Hillsdale and have the chance to get better after my first tour­nament last weekend.”

Weekends like these for Spinazze — even if they don’t crown a winner — help make the tran­sition onto the team easier.

“College tennis is a lot dif­ferent, and I’ve really liked it,” Spinazze said. “There’s always some­thing to improve on.”

Since coming to college, Spinazze says she has improved a lot in a short amount of time thanks to her coach and her new team­mates.

“By getting to play all the other girls on the team I’ve seen things to emulate to improve my play,” Spinazze said.

This weekend, the Chargers will have their “Hillsdale Doubles Day” and have a chance to switch up their doubles partners in an informal setting.