Senior Emanuel Boyer shoots trap at Hills­dale’s American Trap Asso­ci­ation com­pe­tition. Amanda Klug | Courtesy.

On Sat­urday, the Hillsdale Shotgun team hosted the second American Trap Asso­ci­ation shoot with 100 American Trap targets. Thirty-seven total shooters, com­prised of high school, col­le­giate and elder par­tic­i­pants were present.

Junior Lucas Pier­accini had the highest team score with 98 targets, and was suc­ceeded by freshmen Tommy Rodgers, with 97 targets, and Anthony LaMacchia, 96.

With looming lighting and spo­radic rain showers during the com­pe­tition, the team was for­tunate to shoot early enough to avoid the grim storms.

“Despite ini­tially poor weather con­di­tions, our shooting wasn’t really affected,” senior Emanuel Boyer said.

Senior Amanda Klug says she is excited to have their newest member, sophomore Kylar Kuzio, shoot in her second official team com­pe­tition.

“She is a great addition to the team,” Klug said. “And it’s nice to have another girl around.”

Kuzio has been shooting for a total of five years and com­peted for her high school’s trap team from freshman to senior year.

“The shoot last weekend was really exciting but I put a lot of pressure on myself,” Kuzio said.  

Her extensive back­ground in trap has given her a solid foun­dation going forward in the season.  In high school, she and her friends would go to the range on weekends and shoot sporting clays for fun said Kuzio. Last spring was the first time she ever encoun­tered skeet shooting.

“I’m most excited for skeet because it’s a chal­lenge,” Kuzio said. “It’s more fun to tackle a new animal.”

Coaches and team members said they were glad to watch some of their potential high school recruits perform well during the shoot. One of whom shot 99 targets out of a 100.

Klug, freshman Brandon Korhonen, and sophomore Barrett Moore each shot their best round of trap in com­pe­tition this season.

“I focused on each shot that I was taking, rather than the shots already taken and the ones still to come,” Moore said.

Klug and other team­mates also attempted to adapt such a mindset during the com­pe­tition.

“Besides focusing on each shot indi­vid­ually, I had three or four songs that I would keep repeating the lyrics in my head which helped block out dis­trac­tions,” Klug said.

Assistant Coach Jordan Hintz was pleased with the team’s progress this season.

“We had our best com­posite trap score as a team in com­pe­tition,” Hintz said.

Up to this point, the team has been prac­ticing mostly the physical tech­niques for com­pe­ti­tions, but are starting to develop mental strategies to endure the longer rounds of skeet and trap to come as well.

The team next com­petes Oct. 13 and 14 at the Asso­ci­ation of College Unions Inter­na­tional Midwest Regional shoot in Sparta, Ill. They look forward to shooting trap, skeet, sporting clays, and super sporting clays.